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All about Zong Internet 4G Data SIM Packages

Zong 4G Data SIM Packages are compatible with almost all MBB devices and can be used in any Dual SIM smartphone or tablet. To put it another way, you can use a Zong Internet SIM card with any internet-enabled computer.

Another unique deal is Zong internet SIM Packages or data SIM deals, which are not only affordable but also provide you with the highest internet speeds of 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE in all major and minor cities across Pakistan.

BundleDataValidityPriceSubscription Code
Internet SIM 4GB4 GB Data30 DaysRs. 775 Incl. TaxDial *6666#
Internet SIM 10GB10 GB Data30 DaysRs. 800 Incl. TaxDial *6464#
3GB Monthly Offer3 GB Data30 DaysRs. 300 Incl. TaxDial *6464#
Internet SIM 3GB3 GB Data30 DaysRs. 500 Incl. TaxDial *6464#
Monthly 12GB Offer12 GB Data30 DaysRs. 750 Incl. TaxDial *6464#
5GB Data Share5 GB Data30 DaysRs. 500 Incl. TaxDial *6464*5#
Data Share 10GB10 GB Data30 DaysRs. 900 Incl. TaxDial *6464*5#
Internet SIM 12GB12 GB Data30 DaysRs. 1240 Incl. TaxDial *6666#
Internet SIM 30GB30 GB Data30 DaysRs. 1500 Incl. TaxDial *6666#
Internet SIM 50GB50 GB Data30 DaysRs. 2000 Incl. TaxDial *6666#
Internet SIM 75GB75 GB Data30 DaysRs. 3250 Incl. TaxDial *6666#

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Zong 4G Internet

Zong 4G is the world’s fastest-growing, most dependable, and well-known telecom firm. In Pakistan, the telecom industry currently has 21% of the population. It provides consumers with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile SIM and internet packages. Users of Zong can purchase this SIM and use it only for the internet and SMS. This SIM can be obtained from your local CSC, franchisee, or store.

Pakistan’s telecommunications sector has grown significantly in recent years, with a variety of cell phone companies now operating in the country. Furthermore, some individuals are prepared to enter the Pakistani market. Zong, on the other hand, has made a name for itself in the telecom industry through a variety of mobile phone networks.

Zong Internet Data SIM comes in a range of packages and bundles that you can buy from any Zong Customer Service Center, Zong store, or franchisee. You can also get details about your internet package by dialing * 6666 # from your internet SIM. Customers of Zong will take advantage of some fantastic deals.


With Zong 4G, Zong users can make unlimited voice and video calls on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has grown into an important social network for keeping in contact with friends and family. It also helps you to chat and share data for free. WhatsApp is now available on Pakistan’s No. 1 data network, Zong 4G.


The most significant advantage of the Zong Net SIM is that you will not be charged any additional taxes because all Zong Internet SIM Packages 2018 are tax-inclusive. For eg, if you buy a Rs. 500 Zong Net SIM Kit, you will just have to recharge Rs. 500 for that particular internet bundle.

If you have a dual SIM phone and want to use a separate network SIM card as your main for voice calls and a 4G SIM slot as your secondary for internet connectivity, Zong Net SIM is the best choice for you to get the highest internet speed on all Zong Data SIM Packages.

How to Buy Zong 4G Data SIM

To purchase a Zong internet SIM, simply go to the nearest Zong franchise or store and inquire about the data SIM. After purchasing, you can use this SIM on compatible handsets, iPads, laptops, and MBB computers. It is not compatible with Zong MBB computers, so don’t try to use it in one.

Terms & Conditions

  • Both taxes are included in the rates of internet SIM packages. If a package costs Rs.500, you must recharge Rs.500 in order to get the bundle.
  • You can subscribe to Add on GNO (Good night offer), which gives you 1GB every night for the remainder of your original bundle’s validity period. This 1GB can be used between the hours of 1 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  • All internet SIM bundles are auto-renewable; however, you must recharge the package balance when the bundle expires.
  • You can buy an Add-on DTO (Day Time Offer) that will give you 1GB per day for the remaining days of your original bundle’s validity. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can use this 1GB.

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