AJK Experiences Improved Connectivity Thanks To Ufone 4G Rollout

AJK Experiences Improved Connectivity Thanks To Ufone 4G Rollout

Following Ufone 4G’s introduction of 4G services, Azad Jammu & Kashmir has begun to enjoy high-quality connectivity. According to the organisation, its improved internet connectivity provides local internet customers with a superior user experience for both personal and business purposes.

Previously, internet connectivity in this mountainous location was problematic, and residents were forced to lose out on great opportunities provided by the fast-paced internet.

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The region is ready to explore its full potential for socioeconomic growth and development, thanks to Ufone 4G. People can now communicate with the rest of the globe without interruption. Locals can make better video calls to their loved ones in other towns and countries.

The fast-paced internet is already opening up novel channels for commerce, education, health, entertainment, and a slew of other vital services that help local communities improve their quality of life.


Since the global epidemic COVID-19 broke out and the physical world was shut down, the internet has become even more important. Local students can now attend their online classes and gain access to tens of thousands of online learning resources.

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Ufone 4G has always been on the cutting edge of bringing the disconnected together. To enable underprivileged individuals and distant isolated places get into economic opportunities, the Pakistani telecom business works relentlessly to encourage digital inclusion.

Ufone 4G is ready to revolutionise the future of the AJK area and the entire country, thanks to recent network investment.

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