Amazon Prime Users on iOS will be Able to Share Short Clips

Amazon Prime Users on iOS will be Able to Share Short Clips

Have you ever viewed a movie on a popular video streaming platform and felt compelled to share it with your friends? Yes, that occurs on a regular basis. Sometimes I enjoy the dialogue from the film, and other times I enjoy portions from the series I am currently viewing. Unfortunately, none of the platforms we tried, including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, allowed us to share our best video. Even Netflix and Hulu’s apps don’t enable you to snap screenshots.

Finally, Amazon has announced that customers will be able to effortlessly clip 30 seconds of video from its prime content; however, this feature is presently limited to iPhone users. This means that this feature is only available to Amazon Prime video users on iOS.

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This function is only accessible for a limited number of shows right now, but it’s worth it because users will be able to post snippets of their own choosing rather than those offered by other streaming services.

Short Clips Sharing Feature is Launched for Amazon Prime Users on iOS

The video-sharing capability is currently available for iOS devices running version 8.41 (or later) of the Prime Video app, according to the firm. While watching the video, users will see a share clip button along with other controls. By pressing this button, a 30-second video clip will be made, which you may fine-tune to include the content you want to share with your friends. This video can be sent to friends using Apple’s built-in sharing feature, or it can be shared on social media.


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The business has not stated whether or not this capability will be available to Android users.

Because Netflix and Hulu do not offer this functionality owing to third-party content, it appears that by offering this, Amazon will get more users and other platforms will miss out.

Additionally, the company has stated that users will first be able to share snippets from The Wilds, Invincible, Fairfax, and season one of The Boys, but that more movies and episodes will be added later.


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