Apple AirTags Are a Car Thief’s Favorite Tool

Apple AirTags Are a Car Thief’s Favorite Tool

Apple’s AirTag was created to assist in the recovery of misplaced items such as bags, keys, and other valuables. Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that some persons will utilise one of these little discs to track you.

Because of a number of recent cases, authorities have begun to take this issue seriously. After discovering an AirTag on a car’s bumper, a police agency in New York issued a warning to the community about the monitoring possibilities of these devices.

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Similarly, a Canadian police agency reported five occurrences of auto burglars attaching AirTags to costly vehicles in order to identify and steal them later.

Adults aren’t the only ones who have AirTags on their automobiles. A 13-year-old girl in Hillsborough, Florida, told to authorities that she discovered one inside her backpack.

How Does It Work?

AirTags employ a combination of wireless signals, sensors, and Apple’s enormous Find My network to assist them find their way. It may be attached to any key or gadget, and because it is waterproof, it can be attached to your pet’s collar.

Apple has built-in safeguards to prevent unauthorised tracking. Nonetheless, it is simple for anyone to slip an AirTag into your backpack or any things in order to track you down without your knowledge.

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Tracking your whereabouts is a major hazard and a well-known exploitation method. Apple products are gaining a lot of attention throughout the world due to the level of quality they put into them. AirTags are also significantly more accurate than conventional tracking devices as a result of this.

iPhones can detect the signals sent by AirTag. Apple has built features inside it to help prevent threats, such as notifications that alert you when an AirTag is approaching. Other tracking competitors, such as Tile, are less advanced and do not inform users to prevent unwanted tracking.


Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid being tracked:

Search Your Belongings

The first and most simple step you can take is to thoroughly inspect yourself, including your belongings, automobile, and anything you carry with you most of the time, for any signs of an AirTag. Because AirTags are so small and may be hidden almost anywhere, this may not be that simple.

Narrow Down Items

Consider what information they appear to know if you suspect someone who can use an AirTag or similar device to track you. While you’re around them, narrow down the goods you’re carrying and look for them all.

Use Bluetooth Tracking Apps

If a tracker is nearby, Bluetooth tracking programmes can monitor your surroundings. These applications may not directly detect AirTags, but they may assist you in determining whether you are in the vicinity of a tracking device.

If you have an iPhone and come across an unfamiliar Air Tag, open the Find My app and search for the serial number of the Air Tag shown below its name.

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If you have an Android smartphone, you can download the Apple-created app ‘Tracker Determine,’ which is accessible on the Google Play Store and can detect if there is an AirTag nearby.

AirTag’s serial number can be found behind the battery. When the battery is removed, it will also stop providing location signals to the owner.

However, if you suspect a current or past spouse, as well as anyone close to you, experts advise reporting the tracker to the police or a domestic abuse service before turning it off.

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