Is the Official Ticketing Partner of Future Fest

\ Is the Official Ticketing Partner of Future Fest

Future Fest, Pakistan’s largest tech conference and expo, will be held in Islamabad from May 13 to 15, 2022, with Bookme. pk as its official ticketing partner.

The partnership makes it easy for residents of the city to attend the huge event by allowing them to book tickets through Bookme. pk.

The relationship demonstrates Bookme’s commitment to facilitating the people and providing a window of opportunity for young Pakistani innovators, which it shares with Future Fest.

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Individuals already working in the IT or tech sectors will profit from the three-day expo, which will also stimulate Pakistan’s younger minds.

Participants will be able to construct their own paths in the fields that interest them, providing them the opportunity to bring forward groundbreaking solutions that will improve the lives of Pakistanis.


Why attend this year?

  • Faizan Aslam, CEO of Bookme, will provide a concentrated dose of inspiration and fresh data-driven ideas on how to launch a business.
  • Because Bookme’s team will be there to support and accompany you during the event, it will be even more thrilling for you.
  • to attend exciting concerts by Pakistan’s most prominent singers
  • To experience the future with Pakistan’s greatest innovators before it happens

So get ready to let your imagination run wild and mold your future with Bookme at Future Fest.

Bookme is providing you the opportunity to have it all: genuine delight, real tools, and real future skills.


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