Brilliant WhatsApp Feature Long Live This Year!

Brilliant WhatsApp Feature Long Live This Year!

There are several messaging apps available around the world, but the WhatsApp frenzy is unique. Because its approach is distinct… it, like other messaging apps, provides additional services to users. This year (2021), it has also released a slew of new features for users.

On four phones at the same time: Previously, you could only log onto WhatsApp web and WhatsApp web. We had to log out of the device that was already linked if we needed something… to log in to another device. WhatsApp has introduced the multi-device capability as an alternative.

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WhatsApp can use this functionality to log in on up to four devices at the same time. After then, it works even if the primary cellphone is not connected to the internet. If all four devices are not connected to the primary device for 14 days, WhatsApp will automatically lock you out. This beta version is currently only accessible for Android and iOS users.

Mayamaipotay, Itte: In the meanwhile, anyone who wishes to talk can do so on WhatsApp. The originals, of course, were lovers. I’ve been chatting on WhatsApp for hours. There are also disagreements. For a few days, the outcome is not addressed. Then, as usual, repeat. However, occasionally old messages clash with bridesmaids.

WhatsApp’s disappearance mode is the appropriate card to play in these situations. All communications will be erased automatically after 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. Depending on the choice we select, it will be removed. Nobody has received those mails. Not only for the sender… but also for those to whom the communication was sent; otherwise, the media files will be lost. We no longer need to remove the conversation history manually.

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You can send money here: Will you offer me a pair of your fingers if you have them? Your friend messaged you on WhatsApp. As a result, launch apps such as Google Pay and PhonePay and send money. This year, though, WhatsApp has made that process considerably easier for you. WhatsApp now allows users to send money directly to one another.

UPI transfer is the same. It functions similarly to Paytm, Google Pay, and Phone Pay. Anyone can be paid using WhatsApp (WhatsApp payment). Simply go to the relevant chat and click on the rupee symbol () next to the message field. After that, enter the appropriate amount and press the Submit button. You can also transfer money by scanning the QR code with the WhatsApp camera (Money Transfer).However, in order to do so, you must first link any bank account to your WhatsApp UPI account.

Dark mode on WhatsApp: It would have been impossible to communicate on WhatsApp for an extended period of time the night before this function was introduced. The battery was also depleted as a result of the screen’s white background. WhatsApp can also be found on other chat platforms. Users can now use the Dark Mode functionality. This dark mode function keeps the battery from depleting too quickly while not bothering the eyes. WhatsApp Dark Mode will be activated if you go to Settings and pick Dark as the theme choice in Chats.

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From four to eight…: During this time, everyone’s network of friends expands. During college, though, all of the friends went to the bathroom together near the tea shop after class. Following that, some of them found work and settled in each village. Everyone is talking about group calls these days, thanks to advances in technology. WhatsApp is the most popular.


But there’s a catch. It was not possible to converse with more than four persons at once. As a result, many people have turned to alternative platforms. WhatsApp has raised the number of users that can participate in group calls from four to eight. This enables users to communicate with up to eight groups at the same time (audio or video).However, no one can record a WhatsApp group call.

Storage administration: Many people have reservations regarding mobile storage management. WhatsApp has made certain adjustments to the ‘Storage Management Tool’ (Storage Management) for those users and released the current update. In the first row, show images, videos, and other files more than 5MB in size. You can change the memory by eliminating those that are no longer needed. Alternatively, you can pick each contact and eliminate any unnecessary media assets from it.

Advanced WhatsApp Search: Find your selected photographs, movies, and pdf files quickly. This search option works by filtering only the files in the specified category. If you want to see the pictures… If you choose that category and search with text, the photographs will be displayed in front of us. Along with videos, web links, gifs, audio, and documents.

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Take a look at this: ‘See once’ is the same. This is also referred to as a self-destructing media function. Any media files you provide will be erased as soon as the recipient views them. You will not be able to share your photographs or videos with others or save them to the gallery if you use this function. It’s possible to capture a screenshot.

Keep strangers at bay…: Some people we don’t know, who have never talked to us on WhatsApp… are keeping an eye on our Lost Scene status online. It is an infringement on our personal privacy. Who on WhatsApp understands this issue, ma? The latest privacy upgrade, Online Status, makes Lost Scene elements invisible to outsiders.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. These modifications were made feasible by the fact that some third-party programmes can acquire information from WhatsApp in order to display Lost Scene and online status. They will no longer be able to see our online status if they have never communicated with any WhatsApp account. It’s as if our information was spilled to complete strangers.

The issue is resolved as follows: The single issue that everyone has when purchasing a new phone. Contacts, conversations, photos, videos, and other items can be transferred from an old phone to a new phone. Contacts imply… We’ll send it through mail. Photos and movies can be sent with a data connection or using other sharing applications.

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What about WhatsApp messaging? Both phones use the Android operating system, which isn’t a problem. However, one is Android, while the other is iOS. This issue was confirmed by WhatsApp. Import Chat History has brought you this. Users may simply transfer conversation data from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone using this method. This functionality is currently only available to a small number of users. All users will be able to access it soon.

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