Zong 4G Device Packages

Zong 4G Device Packages

Complete Detail of Zong 3G/ 4G Device Packages (MBB)

Zong is regarded as a symbol of China’s and Pakistan’s deep friendship. The network was first founded under the name China Mobile Pakistan, which is one of Pakistan’s and China’s most active joint ventures. Zong, as the largest 4G network, has launched a range of 4G products for its customers. It also offers compensation to Zong SIM users who use 4G devices. The network has introduced a variety of 4G/3G applications to meet the needs of a wide range of users.

Zong 4G Device Packages for Monthly

Monthly MBB 30GB30 GBRs. 1500 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 50GB50 GBRs. 2000 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 75GB75 GBRs. 2500 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 76GB76 GBRs. 3250 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 100GB100 GBRs. 3250 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 150GB150 GBRs. 5951 Incl. Tax
Monthly MBB 200GB200 GBRs. 10000 Incl. Tax

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Other Device Packages

3 Months MBB 60 GB60 GB/ MonthRs. 5500 Incl. Tax
6 Months MBB 100 GB100 GB (Incl. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ MonthRs. 12000 Incl. Tax
12 Months MBB 100 GB100 GB (Incl. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ MonthRs. 22000 Incl. Tax

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About Zong Telecom

Zong, which was established in 2008, has risen to the pinnacle of success in a short period of time. The business is a subsidiary of China Mobile Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s and China’s largest telecommunications companies. Since 2008, Zong has concentrated on providing low-cost internet access.

Zong is pleased to announce that it holds both 3G and 4G LTE licenses at the same time, making it the largest network with 4G subscribers. It was the first network to launch a nationwide 4G network in Pakistan. Zong provides a range of 3G/4G product packages to its customers, with the ‘Zong Monthly MBB – 32 GB (Device Only Package)’ being the most common.

The deal includes a huge MBB bundle of 32 GB with a 30-day validity period. The price of the Zong monthly MBB bundle varies depending on the 4G device. The rates for the 4G Mobile Wifi (Huawei), 4G Mobile WiFi (Fiber Home), and 4G Wingle packages vary. The deal is available through Zong franchises and contact centers.


Aside from these, Zong provides a variety of dongle packages to its customers, the most common of which are Zong Monthly MBB – 76 GB (Device Only Package), Zong Monthly MBB – 100 GB (Device Only Package), and Zong Monthly MBB – 200 GB (Device Only Package). Join Zong’s new dream and take advantage of the exciting deals on 4G smartphones.

The following 3G devices have a purchase price and a subscription package:

Whereas, the other Play-n-Plug rechargeable devices are:

The most common other device bundle is Zong 3 Months MBB – 24 GB (Device Only Package), which offers 24 GB of data with a 3-month validity period for a low price. Users can now take advantage of Zong’s affordable high-speed internet. Zong 4G devices can link up to ten devices at once and have a battery life of six hours.

Zong recently revealed yet another impressive low-cost bundle, this time with a great deal of unrestricted internet access for the next six months. Customers will now enjoy 75 GB of data with a 6-month validity on a variety of 3G/4G devices with the Zong 6 Months MBB – 75 GB (Device Only Package). Rates vary by device and are only available for a limited time.

Zong, Pakistan’s largest 4G network, is licensed for both 3G and 4G LTE. This suggests that the company offers a wide variety of internet options for mobile internet users. It offers a number of 3G and 4G devices from which to choose while remaining in your comfort zone.

You’ll have access to 4G speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Zong’s 4G device packages start at Rs 1,500 for 24 GB per month and go up to Rs 10,000 for 200 GB per month. So, if you are a heavy internet user or just go there in spurts, it has you covered.

Another point to keep in mind is that the device price does not include the cost of the plan. Zong Internet packages subscriptions must be purchased individually by users.

Prices for Zong’s 4G Devices

4G Mobile Wifi (Huawei)

4G Mobile WiFi (Fiber Home)

4G Wingle

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