Facebook Owner Meta is Testing a New Privacy Center

Facebook Owner Meta is Testing a New Privacy Center

Meta, Facebook’s parent corporation, is exploring new privacy features and how it informs users about their privacy options. Meta plans to centralise privacy FAQs and controls throughout its suite of applications in the near future.

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Meta’s new Privacy Center test app is now available to a limited number of desktop users in the United States. The unified system will be made available in the coming months to “more users and apps.”

The new privacy option is available to beta users of the app in the Settings and Privacy section of the desktop version of Facebook. Improved privacy options have been organised under the Privacy Shortcuts and Privacy Checkup menus on Facebook.

According to Meta’s official documentation, the current edition of the Privacy Center is divided into five modules: Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, and Ads.

Previously, Facebook was known for providing users with difficult-to-navigate privacy options, with the most crucial choices buried deep within menus. Despite Meta’s new privacy measures, the corporation remains interested in acquiring its consumers’ data. Meta’s recent objections to Apple’s iOS ad tracking modifications, which limit the ability to track user behaviour across several apps, have clarified Meta’s position on the issue.


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For the time being, Meta intends to keep updating the Privacy Center and adding new modules and controls, all while pushing the concept of ‘privacy education.’ Meta goes on to say:

We will add more ways to access Privacy Center as we expand it in places where you may have privacy concerns.

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