Zong Good Night Offer Complete Detail

Zong Good Night Offer

Subscription Code & Detail of Zong Good Night Offer

If you have subscribed to the Zong Good Night Offer, no one can stop you from enjoying yourself or working all night with the fastest Internet speed. So, for a small amount of money, get one of the amazing Zong Packages and use unlimited data for browsing, entertainment, or communication for an entire night!

PackageZong Good Night Package
PriceRs. 16 Incl. Tax
Internet2.5 GB Data
Validity1 Day (1:00 AM to 9:00 AM)
How to subscribeSend SMS “gno” to 6464

The Zong Good Night Offer is only available for a limited time (1 Day). Only RS. 16 including tax for this Zong Daily Internet Package. Immediately following your subscription, you will receive 2.5 GB of Internet data (from 1 AM to 9 AM) for one day. By subscribing to this Zong Good Night Offer, you can get a pack of Internet MBs for browsing, social media apps, and YouTube for just RS. 16+Taxes/=.

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Terms & Conditions

Is it possible for the good night offer to coexist with other online packages?
Yes, it is compatible with all internet packages.
Will the Good Night Offer be automatically renewed?
Yes, indeed. The Good Night Offer will be automatically renewed every day. Customers who run out of balance and recharge within three days will be automatically renewed.
If I sign up for the Good Night Offer, what speed will I get?
This package is good for 3G and 4G speeds.
Is there a download limit on the Good Night Offer between the hours of 1am and 9am?
Users can download as much as they want within the 1GB download limit, according to the Fair Usage Policy.
What is the procedure for unsubscribing from this offer?
“unsub gno” is a text message that can be sent to the number 6464.
Is there any kind of add-on for this deal?
Yes, indeed. The same two add-ons as for standard data bundles.
What will the fees be after 1GB of data has been consumed?
The out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1/MB will be charged.


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