Google is Working on a Special Project in a Top Secret Facility: Report

Google is Working on a Special Project in a Top Secret Facility: Report

Leaks, whether from a top-secret institution or not, find their way to the public in some way. According to the most recent Google leak, the company is working on a top-secret project called Project Iris.

Project Iris is an Augmented Reality (AR) headset featuring all-around outward-facing cameras that can capture the real environment and then overlay computer visuals to create a mixed reality experience. It’s similar to Pokemon Go, except it’s far more complicated and engaging.

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The information comes from a number of unnamed insiders who have spoken extensively about Google’s impending augmented reality headset. According to the sources, Google is working on early prototypes in a top-secret facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. Access to this top-secret facility needs keycards, and the staff working on it numbers around 300 people. Google intends to expand on it in the future.

Project Iris is certainly a major thing for Google, as evidenced by this.

The headset looks like ski goggles and doesn’t require a cable connection to a power source to work. A special Google processor, similar to the one used in the Pixel 6 series, will power the “ski goggles.”


Although some rumours claim that the headgear would run on Android, Google has recently posted job openings for a “innovative AR gadget.” As a result, it’s possible that Google will release a totally new operating system for headgear.

There will be power limits because Project Iris does not connect to a power source to run. Instead, Google will use its data centres to stream visuals over the internet.

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Project Iris is also being worked on by the Google Pixel team, but it’s unclear whether the headgear will be Pixel-branded in the end. Though we can rule out the term “Google Glass,” which was given to the doomed device a decade ago.

But don’t put your money on it just yet; the AR headgear isn’t anticipated to arrive until at least 2024.

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