Google Pixel 6 Users Are Getting Wi-Fi Issues After Latest Update


Last year, Google introduced its much-anticipated flagship smartphones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. While the smartphones have received positive feedback, they have also been plagued by a startling number of faults, with customers claiming a variety of troubles with the devices.

According to recent reports, some Pixel 6 customers have been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues. Users have noticed Wi-Fi issues on Google’s support forums and Reddit since the February update.


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In response to consumer complaints, the Pixel community team commented on Reddit that the Wi-Fi connectivity issue has only affected a small number of devices and that the fundamental cause has been identified. The Pixel team has developed a remedy that will be released as part of the Google Pixel Update in March, so consumers may not have to wait long for the issue to be rectified.

Some customers appear to have temporarily remedied the problem by following the Google support forum’s recommendations, which included fixes such as resetting network settings or uninstalling a Wi-Fi network from the smartphone.

Other concerns have also arisen as a result of the Pixel 6 updates. Due to a flaw discovered in the December update, which was also put on hold for many customers due to a problem with dropped calls, Google temporarily disabled the Hold for Me feature. Let’s hope that the March update fixes the Wi-Fi problems without introducing a new defect.

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