Here’s How You Can Send Anonymous Messages on WhatsApp

Here’s How You Can Send Anonymous Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently released a number of noteworthy changes, ranging from customizable sticker makers to the development of a Windows version for a more personalised experience. These are intended to improve user experience, but there’s a new method that will get you what you’ve secretly desired all along.

You may now send anonymous WhatsApp messages to your friends and family without disclosing your phone number or even needing a SIM card in the first place.

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The hack is simple to use and can be found in WhatsApp Tools. To minimise any confusion, we recommend that you introduce yourself before beginning the conversation. So, without further ado, follow the instructions below to quickly activate the feature and prank your friends or family.

  • Open the WhatsApp Tools page.
  • Tap the “Anonymous Message” option.
  • Choose your country code then write the number you want to message.
  • Next, in the box below the “Attach file” option, simply type your message and add the files, such as photos or videos that you want to attach to the message.
  • Finally, click on “send message” and voila, the message has been sent anonymously.

This way, you can send a message anonymously using WhatsApp Tools in only 5 simple steps. Furthermore, WhatsApp Tools allows you to grab any user’s profile photo as long as their display picture is set to public.

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