Here’s Why Your Job Search Shouldn’t Be a Rush to the Finish Line

Here's Why Your Job Search Shouldn't Be a Rush to the Finish Line

You may have certain anguish and urgency if you are currently searching for today job. You might experience the same sensations even if you’re currently employed.

Your new boss may not be as kind as your former boss, which makes your future less secure. Or, you and all your colleagues have felt disturbed and unsure about the next thing, following a recent acquisition.

Whatever the reason, you could lose sight of effective practices in career management if pushed by these feelings. You sprint ahead to hope that the finish line will become apparent if you only press quickly and hard.

But speed is not your friend, as most people realize in your transformation journey. You have not clarified where you wish to go if you go too quickly, and so you could finish up at the same location where you started, or worse.

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Following are three top ways rushing your job search can derail your results:

  1. You have outmoded your career portfolio. The perfect interview has been arranged through someone in your network. You don’t have an updated CV or LinkedIn page since you have rushed the process, so you slaps something with clich├ęs that described you as a seasoned professional and fast-learner in fast-paced contexts.
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  3. Nothing can find your distinct value. Although this small document may appear to be minor at first, particularly if a friend refers to you, a Senior Manager or a Board member may decide on the evaluation process of your curriculum vitae.
  4. Your ability to interview is rusty. When you ask the “speak about yourself,” you enter a 5-minute tirade that covers your latest projects in detail but does not link the questions as to why this experience is relevant to their needs. Make sure you investigate possible inquiries about Glassdoor in advance and exercise your replies.
  5. You’re not ready for the adjustment emotionally. You didn’t take the time to be introspective and ease your thoughts and feelings by hurrying into the process. You can refine your concepts by going through a process of preparation, including the articulation of your objectives as they look today (compare with 5 years ago). You and your career talks will therefore point in the appropriate path.

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