How to restore delet­ed photos from WhatsApp

How to restore delet­ed photos from WhatsApp

If you are a frequent WhatsApp user, you are probably already familiar with the most of the WhatsApp lost photo recovery options. However, if you accidentally delete a picture or file from a chat, it can be difficult to recover it.

This is because when a user deletes an image from a WhatsApp discussion, the file is removed from the conversation. It may also not appear by default in your phone’s Gallery app.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, you have numerous alternatives for recovering lost WhatsApp photos from your app. To recover deleted WhatsApp photos, you must first understand that WhatsApp keeps all messages and photographs locally. In contrast to other platforms, which maintain a copy of these messages on their servers.

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At the same time, it protects user privacy by not storing messages in the cloud. It also implies that restoring unintentionally deleted photos from WhatsApp is now more complex. Users may delete messages or photographs from the application. Sometimes we lose them when we change phones or perform a factory reset.

All communications in programmes such as Instagram are sent from a cloud server. However, if you do not enable automatic cloud backup on WhatsApp, you risk losing all of your essential conversations and photographs. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to avoid this and reduce the chance of losing all of your images.

Recover WhatsApp images that were saved automatically

WhatsApp will automatically download photographs from your chats to your smartphone by default on both Android and iPhone. As a result, the first place you should look to recover deleted WhatsApp photographs is in your phone’s photos app.

Look at the Gallery or Google Photos apps on Android. Users using iPhones should look in Photos. Switch to the Albums page and search for WhatsApp to further refine your search. If you know the time the photograph was posted, you can utilise the search options in your gallery app to find it.

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You’re in luck if you find your deleted WhatsApp photo! You still have a copy, which you can send or share as you see fit. There is still hope if you don’t see the photo here but utilise cloud storage on your phone.

If you utilise your cloud storage app’s camera upload function, WhatsApp may automatically download the image and your cloud storage app may automatically upload it. Check Camera Uploads, Camera Roll, or a similar folder on your cloud storage to see if the image is there.

Recover someone else’s WhatsApp images

It may be easier than you think to recover a deleted WhatsApp photograph. The next step is to ensure that the person (or people) with whom you spoke has a copy of the message with the lost material attached. If you uploaded and subsequently deleted an image, it is possible that someone else in the group chat (or your chat partner) has it.

Request that the person locate the image in your WhatsApp chat. When they have it, they can send it to you or save it on their phone and send it to you by email or another messaging service. Just because you’ve clicked “Delete for me” on a photo on WhatsApp doesn’t mean it’s gone for everyone else.WhatsApp only displays the “Delete for everyone” option for about an hour after sending a message, making it more difficult to press by accident.

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We propose that you request that people restore images as soon as feasible. The longer you wait, the more possible it is that the other person may delete the image, lose it when you exchange phones, or something similar will happen.

Restore deleted photos from a WhatsApp backup

When no one else has a copy of your deleted image, the backup is the best approach to restore lost WhatsApp images. Backups are supported by both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp (to Google Drive or iCloud). If you haven’t lost images in a long time, the best thing to do is restore the most recent WhatsApp backup.


To achieve this, you must first activate the WhatsApp backup option before removing the photograph. This won’t work if you haven’t previously performed a backup.

To begin, navigate to Settings> Chats> Chat Backup. You may examine information such as when the latest backup was taken and how frequently you wish to back up your data here. If you removed the photographs since the last backup, you can recover the backup and thus your images by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp.

Simply remove the programme from your device and reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play. You will be asked to authenticate your phone number once more, after which you will be requested to restore your data from a backup, if one is available. Accept this, and WhatsApp will restore all of your messages to their original state when the backup was created.

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Keep in mind that doing so will result in the loss of all WhatsApp messages exchanged since your previous backup. So, before restoring the previous backup to get your pictures back, make sure to save your essential messages. Time is of the importance once more. You’re probably out of luck if you made a backup after deleting the photos.

Recover deleted WhatsApp photos from your phone storage (Android)

WhatsApp stores all photographs it sends and receives by default on Android and keeps them in a designated folder. So you can erase an image from a chat and keep it in this folder on your phone. Go to the following folder using a free Android file explorer software, such as Google Files: Internal memory> WhatsApp> Media> Images from WhatsApp

All of the photographs you’ve received via WhatsApp will be displayed here. Within it, there is a Sent folder that holds the photographs you have sent. Examine it to see whether it contains any of your missing WhatsApp photos. If you’re looking for something more than images, you’ll find WhatsApp Video and other folders here.Make sure to have a look at them.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are not able to perform this step. This is due to the fact that Android allows you to explore much of the device’s local folder hierarchy, whereas iOS’s Files app is limited to a few cloud folders.

Try dedicated recovery solutions for WhatsApp photos

If you search for aid with WhatsApp image recovery, you will most likely come across scores of tools that claim to provide a solution. Although they sound appealing, the reality of recovering WhatsApp images in this manner is intimidating.

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The great majority of these “recovery apps” will not assist you in recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp Image Recovery differs from standard text message recovery in a few ways, but they all have the same basic flaws: they require root access (on Android), they don’t work without money, or both.

These rehabilitation regimens are all pretty similar. They claim that by installing software on your desktop and linking your phone, they can access your texts. Then, when you run the software and get no results, you notice that the application requires root access or you must pay to restore it. This contains dr.fone, Johosoft, iMyFone, and other related applications.

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