Infinix Celebrates Ramadan Expressing Generosity with World-Wide Consumer Base

Infinix Celebrates Ramadan Expressing Generosity with World-Wide Consumer Base

Infinix said that it would be celebrating Ramadan with customers all across the world. Today, over 2 billion people around the world are celebrating the start of Ramadan, including many presents and future Infinix customers.

As a worldwide brand, Infinix plays a vital role in the celebration, with multiple activities planned throughout the month in various markets. The celebration’s theme is “Express Your Generosity,” which reflects Ramadan’s primary aim of sharing, giving, and caring.

Infinix is on a mission to empower today’s youth by providing them with powerful gadgets at affordable prices. Customers of every background or culture can achieve victory by enhancing their daily lives with an Infinix gadget.

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Victory is supposed to be shared, and this key Infinix value perfectly resonates with the passion shared by Ramadan-observant consumers throughout the world this month.

Since the outbreak, the global pandemic has taken a major toll on both Infinix customers and the firm, and Infinix wants to focus on the future. Infinix demonstrates its generosity to its customer base through various forms of media, including its very own X Fans community in the Infinix XClub, in honor of Ramadan and commonly shared values.

XClub Activities at Infinix

During Ramadan, the main theme on Infinix XClub is “Express Your Generosity,” where users are encouraged to post and pray for blessings, with the chance to win red envelopes and Infinix smartphones as prizes. During Ramadan, Infinix hopes to raise brand and cultural awareness among X Fans.

Infinix is a great way to break your fast.

The Infinix Indonesian Office will invite 30 members of the press and KOLs to a breakfasting session at a high-end restaurant, where they will be shown current products and entertained with fun and games. Infinix will make use of this occasion to promote its basic principles, which are in line with Ramadan’s objective.


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Both Infinix and the attendees’ social media accounts will be used to promote the event. During Ramadan, the Infinix ZERO 5G will also make its debut in Indonesia, where it will be shown to the press.

Programs of Corporate Social Responsibility

During the holy month of Ramadan, Infinix will collaborate with a social group to launch a corporate social responsibility initiative that is in line with the overall theme.

In Pakistan, this will entail working with an NGO to distribute computers to their most deserving young pupils, as well as providing some digital/tech-based training.

In Iraq, the fundamental activity of Ramadan is food sharing, thus Infinix will donate food baskets to IDPs (internally displaced individuals forced to flee their homes due to the war) to show their support for the holy month’s culture and tradition. Instagram influencers will join the program, working alongside the Infinix team to distribute to those in need.

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Infinix has always been focused on young people in emerging countries around the world, providing affordable, high-quality technology that helps them in their daily lives.

Infinix has built a strong following in these markets by communicating with customers, discovering what they want and need at a reasonable price, and then delivering that technology.

Throughout Ramadan, Infinix has demonstrated its generosity through these initiatives, and it looks forward to more possibilities in the future to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with its users.


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