Infinix Retains Position As Top Pakistani Smartphone Brand For Straight Two Years


Infinix has stated that it has held its position as the leading smartphone brand for the second year in a row, according to research conducted by PACRA.

Infinix has managed to gain 15% of per capita income and 9% of cellular subscribers in Pakistan’s smartphone sector between 2020 and 21 when compared to competing brands.

Despite the globally rising COVID-19 conditions in past years, the PACRA analysis showed that the brand is growing.

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Infinix had a competitive advantage over its competitors, gaining a 25% market share in the last two years, as consumers want to avoid physical contact.

The successes were made possible by Infinix’s foresight in establishing a research and development centre in Pakistan and inventing products th at meet the needs of ordinary Pakistanis.


Fully aligned with Pakistan’s ‘Made in Pakistan’ strategy, the company continues to increase its investment in the country in order to develop it into a regional tech hub, and it has now taken another step toward its objective and commitment to put Pakistan on the path to progress and prosperity.

Infinix became a front runner and an early mover in local manufacturing with its strategy of localised development.

“We are very overwhelmed by the support we receive from our dedicated consumers who have trusted us over the years,” stated Joe Hu, CEO of Infinix Pakistan, upon receiving this honour.

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“We will strive tirelessly to achieve our goal of providing the best possible experience for our consumers by bringing cutting-edge technology and distinctive designs tailored to their specific demands, as well as contributing to the country’s economic progress.” Local research and development are assisting us in reaching our consumers’ expectations,” he added.

Infinix has established itself as a premium smartphone brand and has experienced significant growth as a result of strong customer loyalty and retention. It has demonstrated a clear grasp of market dynamics and consumer behaviour. It also chooses to concentrate on R&D in order to supply its consumers with exactly what they require.


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