Is Pakistan’s Leading Fintech Changing its Name? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

Is Pakistan’s Leading Fintech Changing its Name? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

Apart from the delectable cuisine and meet-and-greet sessions, one aspect of Eid that everyone looks forward to is Eidi.

Eidi is a very significant element of the festivities, whether it’s for the tiny kids who look forward to receiving Eidi from their elders or for the adults who have to empty their pockets to make the little ones happy.

While we adjust to our new normal after two years of the epidemic, this Eid will undoubtedly be memorable for many of us because we will be reunited with our loved ones.

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Despite the epidemic, the tradition of giving and getting Eidi has not altered at all. However, the digital manner of sending and receiving money has been revolutionized.

Easypaisa, a well-known payments app in Pakistan, recently changed its brand name from Easypaisa to eidipaisa just days before Eid-ul-Fitr, expressing the same sentiment.

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s first and leading Fintech, has revolutionized the way we conduct cash transactions. Using the Easypaisa app, you may now send and receive money, as well as make other sorts of digital payments, without having to wait in huge lines inside or outside banks.

While it is unusual for corporations to take such a risk, this was an excellent way to capture the essence of Eid and incorporate it into the company identity.

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The digital “eidipaisa” method has made giving eidi to relatives, friends, and family a breeze. You no longer have to rush to ATMs at the last minute to grab those new notes for the kids, nor do you have to wait in huge withdrawal lines.


What’s more, for those who are eagerly awaiting their eidis, the best part is yet to come. There will be no more excuses if your wallets run dry. Giving eidi is as simple and quick as A, B, and C with eidipaisa.

Simply download the app, touch the eidi symbol on the home screen, then enter the recipient’s name and phone number, as well as a unique message and theme, to make it more special.

Money can be deposited to the Easypaisa app via an online bank account or by linking debit and credit cards.

Easypaisa is actually changing the way money is exchanged in our society with its unconventional methods and concepts.

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Easypaisa has always been one step ahead in its fintech game, adapting to the new rules of a digital world where managing your finances is quick and straightforward.

Receiving eidi through a digital medium not only makes for a convenient and quick method of eidi transfers, but it also allows users to use that eidi in a variety of ways within the app, including purchasing data bundles from all networks, paying utility bills, doing easy loads, purchasing their favorite vouchers, and paying for their favorite products and services.

What’s even better? It is available to all mobile network subscribers!

So, who are you most looking forward to receiving eidi from this Eid?


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