Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz offers 3G and 4G services to its consumers. Internet Jazz Monthly Plans are reasonable to access the entire month’s internet data. Jazz is used by most individuals every day to surf the Internet. Thousands like internet jazz.

There is a different jazz bargain when you are looking for a hybrid group: “Monthly Super Duper.” Customers are given five GB of the Internet with this bundle, three thousand Jazz minutes, another 150 network minutes, and six hundred rs monthly SMS (including tax). To avail of this great offer, customers must dial the *706# code on their cell handset.

Monthly Premium25 GB DATA (10 GB YouTube) +
250 All Network Mins
Rs.620Dial *919#
Monthly Supreme20 GB DATA
(10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Rs.499Dial *117*32#
Monthly Super Duper Plus15 GB DATA +
(5000 Jazz Mins
300 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS)
Rs.1099Dial *707#
Monthly Hybrid1 GB DATA +
(10000 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
Rs.500Dial *430#
Monthly Mega Plus12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Rs.349Dial *117*30#
Monthly Super Duper5 GB DATA +
(3000 Jazz Mins
150 Other Network Mins
3000 SMS)
Rs.680Dial *706#

The Internet has become an integral component of everyone’s everyday routine. There are four major telecom operators in Pakistan that provide the best telecom services. Jazz, like other telecom companies, offers its consumers excellent services such as data packages, call packages, and SMS packages. Customers can choose from a variety of economical package choices offered by Jazz.

Users who purchase the Jazz daily Social Bundle can use Facebook and WhatsApp for a full day without exceeding the 30 MB restriction. This package’s subscription code is *114*5#. Customers who do not utilize a lot of data should choose the monthly Jazz internet package. For Facebook and WhatsApp, the daily package plan allows 200 MB. The daily package plan’s activation code is *455#.

A recursive package means that it will automatically activate after one day. The Jazz Daily SMS +WhatsApp plan includes both the Social Bundle and the SMS package. This deal includes a social bundle of 10 MB and 1800 SMS. Simply dial *344# to activate this package.

The Jazz monthly bundle list includes package plans with large amounts of data for single-day use. Above is a list of all Jazz Internet packages

in detail.

Jazz customers receive 12 GB of super-fast internet in Rs. 349 in the monthly plus bundle for the whole of the month (including tax). Here’s a catch, however. Subscribers can access only 6 GB of data between 2:00 and 2:00 while the remaining 6 GB can be used whenever.

Jazz prepaid clients, who would like this bundle to use 11730#, can therefore enjoy the high-speed internet throughout the month. The Jazz World app might potentially trigger this bargain.

As we have indicated, Jazz provides internet bundles for everyone who can meet the expectations of their clients.

At their monthly social bundle in Rs. 89 (including tax) for a full month, users are given 12,000 SMS, and 5 GB of Facebook and WhatsApp data, and IMO bandwidth. Dial *661# for an immediate release of this incredible data package.

You may also subscribe to this bundle via the Jazz World App. Note that this package is non-recursive and is not subscribed to again immediately. Once this contract is concluded, the basic rate for data and basic call and SMS charges of Rs. 5 per MB is otherwise paid.

If you want not to miss a point on the internet, you can subscribe to a web package “Jazz Monthly Extreme” with a volume of 20GB (RS 499) in RS 499 just (tax included). Only dial *117*32# or on the Jazz, World app employ that great deal.

Jazz also has hybrid and located monthly bundles. You can not only obtain the data amount but Jazz-to-Jazz, jazz-to-other network minutes, and SMS at fair rates. It gives the people of Karachi a superb Facebook monthly bargain in which consumers receive 5GB of Facebook data for the whole month in rs. 44,5. (including tax). This idea only applies to Karachi.


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