LG Has Announces New OLED TVs With Upgrades Across The Board

LG Has Announces New OLED TVs With Upgrades Across The Board

LG has already launched its new lineup of OLED TVs for 2022, despite the fact that the year is just a few days old. The Korean display manufacturer is introducing larger screen sizes, increased brightness, and a slew of new features such as improved picture quality, user profiles, and more.

The new TVs will be capable of greater 4K upscaling, tone mapping, and depth detection for subject separation thanks to LG’s latest A9 processor. LG is using its OLED “Evo” panels, which were introduced in 2021, for the screen. It will be included in the G2 series as well as the mainstream C2 range.

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The G2 family, according to LG, will feature stronger peak brightness than the C2 due to brightness booster algorithms, as well as superior heat dissipation. The C2 will outperform the CX from two years ago.

Because LG used a novel composite fibre material in their construction, these TVs are also lighter than previously. The new 65-inch C2 weighs roughly half as much as the C1. This should make unboxing and setup considerably easier.


The C series will get a new 42-inch OLED display, which LG claims will be ideal for tiny bedrooms, offices, and gamers in close quarters. The previous smallest LG OLED was 48-inches.

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The tech titan has also added a massive 97-inch 4K model to the G series, making it the company’s largest OLED TV.

LG G2 OLED: Available in 97, 83, 77, 65, and 55-inch sizes.

LG C2 OLED: Available in 83, 77, 65, 55, 48, and 42-inch sizes.

There are also features for gamers, such as 120Hz 4K compatibility with HDMI 2.1, customizable frame rates, auto low latency mode, and so forth. LG is also adding a “room to room sharing” capability, which will briefly allow you to broadcast a stream from one TV to another in a separate room.

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More information, including pricing and availability, will be released once the new OLED TVs are available for purchase.

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