Meta Introduces Special Initiatives for Online Safety of Women in Pakistan

Meta Introduces Special Initiatives for Online Safety of Women in Pakistan

To assist users in safely navigating cyberspace, Meta has launched two new programmes in Pakistan, the Online Safety Guide and StopNCII (Non-consensual intimate images).

The important safety advice, which is available in English and Urdu, is expected to increase users’ digital knowledge and responsible online behaviour, resulting in safer online spaces for women to connect and express themselves without restrictions.

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The safety guide, which is currently available at Meta’s Safety Centre, is part of the company’s endeavour to better equip and prepare users for the difficulties of today’s digital environment. In Pakistan, millions of people use Meta platforms to communicate and pursue common interests.

However, staying informed about concerns such as online harassment, unsolicited messages, and a variety of fraudulent and criminal activities in the online environment is always a good idea.

Meta has laws and processes in place to combat online violence against women, as well as awareness campaigns to help women defend themselves from unscrupulous online forces.

All of the safety options accessible on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are listed in the safety guide. It discusses how women can utilise them to protect themselves from criminal and fraudulent activity while using the internet.

StopNCII was established with Meta’s expert help and funding in partnership with a global NGO partner, the UK Revenge Porn Helpline, to discourage the spreading of non-consensual intimate photos (NCII), often known as Revenge Porn while keeping the focus on safety.


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StopNCII has also been translated into Urdu, and individuals concerned about their online safety and privacy can utilise it to file a complaint.

Meta can proactively restrict the spread of compromising photographs and videos before they proliferate online once the case is opened.

The method does not require the photographs to leave the user’s device; instead, the platform receives only the hash or numerical code.

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For women seeking aid and guidance, the portal also incorporates information and vital voices from survivors, professionals, advocates, and Meta’s tech partners.

The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), a Meta partner group in Pakistan, hosted an online roundtable in conjunction with the launch of the StopNCII portal in Urdu.

Representatives from civil society organisations, Meta regional specialists, digital professionals, and rights campaigners were among those who attended the forum.


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