OPPO Sets to Strengthen Presence in High-end Market with New Find X5 Series

OPPO Sets to Strengthen Presence in High-end Market with New Find X5 Series

The Find X5 Series, OPPO’s latest flagship smartphone line, was just unveiled, marking the company’s second major foray into the high-end market.

The Find X Series is the first smartphone to include OPPO’s MariSilicon X image NPU, as well as other industry-leading technologies.

Every feature of the Find X5 Series has been tuned to give the greatest possible user experience, including its futuristic design, seamless ceramic back panel, and premium International Warranty Service.

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“We announced our brand proposition of ‘Inspiration Ahead’ at OPPO INNO DAY 2021, defining our commitment to constantly redraw the boundaries of the smartphone experience to make life better for everyone, regardless of the challenges and uncertainties faced,” said William Liu, OPPO’s Vice President and President of Global Marketing.

“We have lifted the standard for flagship smartphones in terms of style and performance with the Find X5 Series, while never pausing in our pursuit of new possibilities,” he continued.

Taking the end-to-end smartphone experience to the next level

With OPPO’s best-ever technology, product experience, and customer service, the OPPO Find X5 Series elevates the bar for premium smartphone performance across the board.

On the Find X5 Series, OPPO’s recently unveiled self-designed image NPU, MariSilicon X, makes its debut. The NPU, along with its powerful in-house algorithms, such as AINR, provide a significant improvement in computational photography performance.

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Find X5 is the first flagship smartphone series with MariSilicon X capable of capturing clear 4K Ultra Night Video that rivals what the human eye can see.

OPPO has teamed up with Hasselblad to offer its Natural Color Calibration to the Find X5 Series, allowing customers to capture more emotional moments.

Many of OPPO’s ground-breaking features can also be found on the Find X5 Series. The improved 360° Smart Antenna 3.0 from OPPO offers steady connectivity with higher signal strength and range than previous models.


A multi-tier cooling system assures smooth overall performance and efficient dissipation, while upgraded Flash Charging technology allows for faster charging.

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OPPO has focused on the overall client experience in addition to the phone. Owners of the Find X5 Series will have access to OPPO’s premium International Warranty Service, which is available in over 2,500 locations across 62 countries and regions.

A standout flagship, driven by OPPO’s human-centric insights

The Find X5 Series highlights OPPO’s quest of human-centric product features and designs aimed at improving the day-to-day lives of its consumers, guided by the brand mission “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.”

Every facet of the user experience is reflected in the design of the Find X5 Series. The curved and continuous ceramic rear panel is anti-fingerprint and easy to hold, while also providing enhanced protection and heat dissipation, thanks to superior production technology.

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ColorOS 12.1, which includes features like as the O Relax digital relaxation suite and Color Vision Enhancement for individuals who perceive colour differently or have colour vision problems, demonstrates OPPO’s attentive concern of its users.

OPPO is breaking new ground in technological innovation and human-centric user experience in the high-end market with the new Find X5 Series while sticking to its core values — a trait that OPPO will maintain as it continues to explore new possibilities in technology and products that help users around the world live better lives.


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