Realme Lifts the Curtain on 9i to Show Where Real Power and Master Quality is Born

realme Lifts the Curtain on 9i to Show Where Real Power and Master Quality is Born

Since its launch two years ago, realme has had a big impact on the Pakistani smartphone industry. The company is on its way to becoming a household name, thanks to its trendsetting conduct in the IT sector and its affordable cost.

In preparation for the launch of the newest number series of smartphones, the business welcomed print and digital media professionals to see the process of developing the new powerhouse smartphone – realme 9i.

Every successful product line is the result of a meticulous, methodical manufacturing process and a motivated team. Around 800-1000 jobs in the local economy have been created by the assembly facility, which comprises technicians, engineers, and other professionals.

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The assembly plant, which cost USD 16 million to build, opened in July 2021 and has since produced over a million smartphone units.

The plant’s daily output can range from 2,500 to 4,000 units depending on market demand and the sort of smartphone they’re making at the time, as the plant produces both low- and mid-range devices as well as premium ones.

The realme factory serves as the inspiration for this assembly plant. In order to maintain a seamless operation and high-quality production, realme HQ has established strict criteria for all procedures and operations.

Chinese engineers and technicians provide staff training to ensure that local employees are aware of these principles and requirements. The realme assembly factory adheres to the principle of “Made in Pakistan, for Pakistan,” ensuring that the same high-quality standards that realme is recognised for are met.

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Let’s take a look at the realme 9i’s production process to see what goes on behind the scenes. The TPC (the device’s main component) is imported from China and then rechecked upon arrival in Pakistan. The process begins with the motherboards being connected to the TPC.

Even in a compliant, controlled environment, the front camera is installed in a clean shed to ensure that it is dust-free once the safety foam is removed. The RF cable (antenna) is next connected to the device, followed by the rear camera installation.

After that, the C-plate is placed onto the phone, and the fingerprint bracket is attached to it. After that, the board is installed, and the bolts are secured using an automated method.

Later on, a very thin layer is applied to prove that the phone has not been altered since it was assembled. After that, an auto-scan is performed to check that the device has been constructed correctly with all of the necessary components. After that, the back cover is placed in a protected area.


After the item has been assembled, the following step is to test it. Testing equipment is fully functioning and automated on the realme production lines. After the software is installed for quality assurance, the hardware is tested, which includes checking the calibration of the device, ports, camera, and LCD.

After that, the software, including the GPS and antenna, is tested on each device.

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The following process is lamination, after which additional testing are performed. To ensure durability, the cellphones produced in the plant are put through a drop test, scratch test, and micro drop test. After that, the IMEI numbers are validated, and the UI is installed on each device.

The phone is then scanned with a barcode and placed in a port, which resets the device to ensure that no files from the check are left on it. The device has been packed, and a bar code sticker has been applied to it.

They’re included in the box, along with a data cable and a warranty card. It’s double-checked to make sure all of the items in the box match the barcode. Finally, the box is wrapped and dispatched to eager customers.

The cost of realme smartphones has been greatly decreased as a result of the assembly being done in Pakistan, and this benefit has been passed on to the end-user. So keep your eyes peeled for the new realme 9i smartphone, which will be available shortly in stores near you.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset provides greater 6nm processing power, as well as a 50MP AI Triple camera to help you take the perfect photo and super-fast 33W Dart Charge to ensure you never run out of charge.

All expansions will be done in accordance with market demand, with the goal of being in the top three brands in the next two years and attaining the top spot in the next five.

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