Shot on Vivo X80 — “Imtehan” Under Hamza Lari’s Direction Officially Released in Pakistan

Shot on vivo X80 — “Imtehan” Under Hamza Lari’s Direction Officially Released in Pakistan

The Vivo X80 is the latest handset in the X Series from Vivo, the world’s leading smartphone company. With the debut, the company also announced a campaign called “Stories. Redefined,” in which it collaborated with filmmakers to bring the art of storytelling to the screen via smartphones.

People from all over Pakistan were also invited to share their stories with Vivo. vivo then teamed up with Hamza Lari, a well-known director in the business, to enable users to take advantage of Vivo’s cutting-edge technology, channel their creative energy, and experiment with the X80 to create films.

With the debut of the Vivo X80, the company has launched a short film called “Imtehan” through its official media channels today.

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While all of the stories were fantastic, Ahsan Rahim, a well-known actor, writer, and director, chose the most accessible and heartfelt story to film for the audience. The story was then given to life by Hamza Lari using the Vivo X80.

Hamza Lari talked about his experience using a smartphone to shoot videos and the camera features of the Vivo X80 that he utilized the most during filming:

It’s been a dream come true to work with Vivo on this cinematic endeavor. The X80 is a stunning smartphone that will appeal to both amateur and professional filmmakers. I would constantly experiment with different elements, filters, and lighting to build the mood during the session.

The device’s user-friendliness is one of my favorite features. I immediately grasped my way around the device because the entire process was so simple to comprehend. Thanks to the Vivo X80, I was able to appreciate both the creative and technological aspects of shooting as a filmmaker.


Another noteworthy feature is Vivo’s brilliant work with ZEISS. In any event, Vivo smartphones are recognized for their camera adaptability, but ZEISS Professional Imaging has ensured that customers get the best of professional photography.

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Mr. Muhammad Zohair Chohan, Vivo Pakistan’s Director of Brand Strategy, said:

X80’s miracles have added yet another feather to Vivo’s cap, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Working with a renowned director like Hamza Lari has been an honor since people with minds like his are not just creative, but also passionate about the process.

Because of its exceptional camera capabilities, we are extremely proud as a team to deliver a smartphone master like the X80 to market. We were overjoyed to see Hamza Lari engaged in the device and obviously enjoying himself at work.

It has also enhanced the joy of watching the short film because it is the culmination of all of our hard work. We also hope that ‘Storied. Redefined.’ motivates today’s youth to pursue their goals, because everything is possible if a smartphone can evolve with high-level professional photography capabilities.

vivo Pakistan’s coming-of-age short video is now accessible to see on the company’s official social media accounts. Watch the movie and let us know what you think in the comments section:


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