Stop Hailing Rides, Rent Your Own Car with

Stop Hailing Rides, Rent Your Own Car with

Have you ever attempted to rent a vehicle in Pakistan? Every time you visit the vendor, they give you a different pricing quote, and you have to provide a number of documents once more just to confirm your identification in order to rent a car. It feels like you are going through a lot of paperwork for a final “surprise.”

What if you learn that this inconvenience can be fixed in a few minutes? Indeed, using Bookme. pk!

They recently announced on their social media platforms that the business had launched a new Car Rental service that is practical and secure, and given the length of time Bookme has been in operation, it is more dependable than before.

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You can now schedule safe transport with a driver from the comfort of your home using one app, with choices to choose from 100+ vendors around Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. You can choose the vehicle of your choice at the most competitive rates on the rental market with only a few clicks.

This feature is only offered on the trip booking app and was initially introduced in Lahore and Islamabad. And what’s this? By sharing your referral code with your friends and getting them to use the app when they download the app, you can get a 100 rupee discount voucher.


With more than 6 million users in the transportation and travel sectors, Bookme. pk is Pakistan’s top e-ticketing platform. In terms of the volume of digital transactions, Bookme is also one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the nation.

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It is entirely cashless and has already been integrated with the most popular payment systems in Pakistan, including Alfalah, JazzCash, Easypaisa, Habib Bank Limited, and Askari Bank.

You no longer need to download dozens of different ride-hailing programs and switch between different discount codes; let Bookme be your dependable partner to give you a secure and simple booking experience.

The following are covered by the service:

  • A practical solution for you to avoid the trouble of visiting several vendors and book a secure and comfortable journey through your mobile application.
  • A vehicle of your choice driven to the pickup location.
  • Your ideal departure time will allow you to have the most comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Adding this service is just another fantastic effort by Bookme to help their customers from all backgrounds and with all requirements. You now have a complete package for making all of your desired reservations, including flights from Karachi to Dubai as well as buses, hotels, events, and car rentals.


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