Super Weekly Max Bundle

Zong Super Weekly Max Offer

Activation Detail of Zong Super Weekly Max Offer

The benefits for Zong’s Super Weekly Max Bundle have been improved. Zong users can now get 30 GB of internet for the whole week with this bid. Now you can be in constant contact with your loved ones. To take advantage of this discount, you must pay Rs. 230 plus tax. You will receive 30 GB after subscribing to this bid. One of them, 15 GB, can be used exclusively for Youtube.

PackageZong Super Weekly Max Offer
PriceRs. 300 Incl. Tax
Internet15 GBs + 15 GBs YouTube
Validity7 Day
How to subscribeDial *220#

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Terms & Conditions

  • Tapmad TV services are included in the 10 GB YouTube volume.
  • Any recharge is subject to a 12.5 percent Advance Income Tax (AIT).
  • On use, there is a 19.5 percent sales tax (GST).
  • The out-of-bundle rate of Rs. 1/MB is valid until the bundle expires, after which consumers will be redirected to their respective base tariff.
  • Customers must first send unsub to 6464 to unsubscribe from the bid. Customers will then re-subscribe to the deal by dialing *220#.
  • If a Zong consumer subscribes to the package twice, they will be paid twice.

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