WhatsApp trick to see a user’s photo from notifications

WhatsApp trick to see a user’s photo from notifications

Keep reading to learn how a WhatsApp hack that will allow you to see a user’s profile photo from the notification bar.

And now, when you receive a message, you can see the profile image of the individual who wrote you, so you know who it is even if you don’t have it saved as a contact.

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Finally, WhatsApp has released the first update to its platform in 2022, which is a completely visual feature rather than a tool.

The aforementioned instant messaging programme has been testing in its beta version for iOS mobiles that when you receive a message, a user’s profile photo appears in the notification bar.

When you add a WhatsApp contact, you will see their profile photo, name, and information, unless they have configured their account so that such information does not appear.

However, some people have everything set up in public, so if one of these users speaks to you one day, even if you are not registered with them, you will be able to see their profile photo from the notification bar, according to WabetaInfo.

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It should be highlighted that this is not a tool, but it functions as one because it provides you with a great deal of privacy and protection in the situation described above. You can schedule and even communicate with that individual if you know them from the notification bar; otherwise, you can ban or report them.


Remember that this functionality is now only accessible in WhatsApp beta version for iOS 15.


Download TestFlight from the App Store on your iPhone running iOS 15. Simply visit the link to apply for a position in WhatsApp Beta for iPhone once you’ve installed it. You will now be returned to TestFlight. To accept the position, click the ‘Accept’ button. When you’re finished, WhatsApp Beta will be installed on your phone.

It should be mentioned that beta testers for iPhone are somewhat more limited, so sign up as soon as possible.

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Because it is still being implemented over the world, you will most likely notice the change immediately, within a few hours or days.

Simply wait for a contact to talk to you, and their profile picture will appear next to the message in the notification area. –cvbj.biz

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