You Can Now Play GTA V and Crysis on a Nintendo Gameboy [Video]

You Can Now Play GTA V and Crysis on a Nintendo Gameboy [Video]

Coders and modders have worked tirelessly over the years to bring cherished games to a variety of platforms. Doom, for example, has been installed on calculators, microwaves, and a variety of other gadgets. There oughta be disclosed recently in a YouTube video that he was able to run Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V and id Software’s original Doom on a Nintendo Gameboy.

Sebastian Staacks, also known as Sebastian, clarified:

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I’m playing Grand Theft Auto V on the Gameboy, but it’s not running. My PlayStation renders the game, which is then streamed to the GameBoy through WiFi. When I click a button on the Gameboy, it sends the input to the PlayStation, allowing me to control the game. This may sound insignificant, but a Gameboy without modifications is just not meant to play video or even display full-screen graphics.

The modder went on to say:

I made a Game Boy cartridge with built-in WiFi a few weeks ago. Now I’ve taught it to stream video and play games in full quality at 20 frames per second on an original Game Boy with no modifications.


The modder’s technical technique for running GTA V on the gadget is also highlighted in the YouTube video. However, due to the device’s technical and hardware restrictions, the game does not function exactly as intended, despite the fact that the gameplay is decent.

Crysis can also be played on Sebastian Staacks’ customised Gameboy.

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Many previous demos are becoming obsolete as a result of this new demo. It can show anything, and I can control anything that can be shown and managed on my computer. Of course, the interface and picture are nearly worthless in this state, so some specialised implementations may be worthwhile. Also, I didn’t touch the audio here, which was an unfortunate oversight on my part when developing this cartridge.

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