Zong 4G with Partners eSawari to Improve Customer Care


Pakistan’s premier producer of telecom and era of digitization, Zong 4G, has connected hands with either the start-up eSawari bus reservation to make it easier for reciprocal consumers. The partner will allow Zong 4G’s customers via eSawari website and app to unlock packages and refill their accounts.

“Zong is an enterprise that focuses on individuals and is always coming up with innovative ways to help Pakistani citizens,” said Zong 4G’s official spokesman. “Estimating our enthusiasm for the service and wellbeing of the masses in the face of the ongoing health problem that the world is currently facing is further testament to the alliance with eSawari. We will try to pursue partners to whom we share our passion for digitalization and community development as we pursue Digital Pakistan.”

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The partnership follows Zong 4G’s concerted efforts to make Pakistani lives easier, especially in the coronavirus pandemic, where technology services play a key role in reducing human vulnerability to the virus and reducing its prevalence.

In the tourism and hospitality industry eSawari.pk works to digitise the entire ecosystem through a combination of technical innovation and customer emphasis. The main focus of the startup is to provide users with predictability, comfort and improved desire to travel and through integrated software system.


Zong 4G is Pakistan’s leading technologist who works untiringly to improve the country’s innovation infrastructure. Zong 4G is the very first operator in Pakistan to try 5G and succeed in making the first 5G video call in South Asia.

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“We at eSawari.pk are committed to increased user interface and added value to our client base, as the new technologies of post-Covid evolve fast,” said Hassnain Sarwar, CEO of eSawari.pk. “We are delighted to partner with Zong 4G and consider that as both companies aim to bring added value services and products to their users, we are a launching pad to further cooperation with both the company.”

In addition to the numerous other honours, OpenSignal’s latest Mobile Network Experience Study rating the organization as the best Pakistani telecom company company.


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