Zong Introduces Amazing New International Roaming Bundle for UAE

Zong Introduces Amazing New International Roaming Bundle for UAE

In order to suit its prepaid clients’ changing connectivity needs, Zong 4G has launched a new UAE International Roaming (IR) package.

The UAE IR Bundle, which costs Rs 1,999+Tax and contains 120 minutes, 120 SMSs, and 2GB of data with a seven-day validity period, is available for Rs 1,999+Tax. The offer can be activated by dialing *4255# or visiting the Zong website’s IR bundles page.

Customers in the UAE will be able to use Whatsapp and its services in an unconstrained and seamless manner. The My Zong App can also be used to subscribe to the UAE IR Bundle.

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Pakistanis visit the United Arab Emirates on a regular basis for both business and pleasure. Pakistanis will be able to stay in touch with their family and friends back home without having to change SIM cards thanks to Zong’s UAE package.

“The UAE Prepaid International Roaming Bundle is a continuation of our efforts to provide Zong with a complete communications solution that keeps consumers connected even while traveling internationally,” a Zong spokeswoman stated. “Through hundreds of international telecom partners, we remain committed to providing our consumers with innovative and convenient services and solutions in Pakistan and even beyond its boundaries.”


“With so many Pakistanis visiting the UAE on a regular basis, this bundle will make communication easier while traveling.” “We will continue to expand our roaming portfolio for our clients by offering more innovative goods and services,” the spokeswoman stated.

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Zong is a leading mobile connectivity provider in Pakistan, and it is leading the country’s digital transformation with a number of first-of-their-kind initiatives.

In addition to its continuous network transformation initiatives to provide users with best-in-class services, Zong is credited with pioneering 4G in Pakistan and performing the first successful 5G test in the nation.

Prior to launching the UAE prepaid package, Zong launched a slew of prepaid and postpaid roaming plans in Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and a slew of other countries.


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