Zong Internet Packages in 2021 of Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong Internet Packages

Everything need to know about Zong Internet Packages 3G and 4G

Zong is Pakistan’s leading telecommunications business. It provides various packages which time of expiry, volume and price. These packages based on daily, weekly, and monthly. The Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G must be subscribed for consumers who want to use the fast Internet. Customers can use 3G networks, both prepaid and postpaid. A full list of utilities is available for 2G, 3G, and 4G.

In order to explore the packages, we’ve collected all the information for you, so you can easily access the relevant deals and subscribe them according to your requirement.

Zong Internet Packages Daily

There are three kinds of packages are included in the Zong Daily Internet Packages. A user can pick any package based on his requirements and data. For users not frequent to users, a Zong daily network bundle is suitable. These users only subscribe for some data to the Zong Daily Net Packages. Information on the Zong net package are available in detail here.

Daily Basic Internet Package is provided to its customers by dialing *6464# and to check on the remaining dial of *102# the deal is only Rs 1 per MBs and is paid as per the bundle expiry. This offer is available only for Rs 15+ taxes, for one day only.

Certain social deals are planned especially for social lovers who can use limitless Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media. It also provides its customers with valuable resources and affordable deals. For all users of the community, Zong Call, SMS, and the Internet are affordable.

Daily Simple Premium Net plan only provides its clients 500 MB for 1 day and for the price of RS 25+ tax and the service can be subscribed by dialing *6464#; the remaining data dial *102# can be reviewed. The deal is available by phone.

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Zong Perfect BundleRs. 12 Incl. Tax10000 Zong Minutes, 500 SMS, 40 MBs1 Day (10 PM to 7 PM)Dial *118*2# to activate
Daily Basic OfferRs. 17 Incl. Tax100MB1 DayDial *6464# to subscribe
Twitter PackageRs. 2 Incl. Tax20 MBs for Twitter1 DayDial *6464# to activate
Full Gup OfferRs. 5 Incl. Tax30 MBs, 75 Minutes, 100 SMS1 DayDial *118*1# to subscribe
Zong Whatsapp PackageRs. 15 Incl. Tax150 MBs for Whatsapp1 DayDial *4# to activate
Daily Data Max OfferRs. 38 + Tax500 MB Data & 500 MB YouTube1 DayDial *5# to subscribe
Zong Social PackageRs. 10 Incl. Tax100 MBs for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter1 DayDial *6464# to activate
Shandaar OfferRs. 12 + Tax50 MBs, Unlimited Zong Minutes, 800 SMS1 DayDial *999# to subscribe
Zong Facebook PackageRs. 0 Incl. TaxFree MBs for Facebook1 DayNo Subscription Require
Zong Daytime OfferRs. 16 + Tax1200MB1 Day (4:00 AM to 7:00 PM)Send SMS “dto” to 6464 to subscribe
SMS & WhatsApp BundleRs. 4 Incl. Tax30 MBs for Whatsapp, 500 SMS1 DayDial *700#, then reply with 1, or SMS to 700
Zong Flutter PackageRs. 12 + Tax50 MBs, 120 Zong Minutes, 120 SMS1 DayDial *369# to susbcribe
Zong Classified PackRs. 5 Incl. Tax50 MBs ( Lamudi, Daraz, PakWheels, Kaymu & Carmudi)1 DayDial *6464# to activate
Good Night OfferRs. 16 + Tax2500MB1 Day (1:00 AM to 9:00 AM)Send SMS “gno” to 6464 to subscribe
Zong Hello PackageRs. 12 Incl. Tax150 Zong Minutes, 150 SMS, 50 MBs1 DayDial *2200*1# to activate
Sixer Zong Plus PackageRs. 8 Incl. TaxUnlimited Zong Minutes, 500 SMS, 1 MB1 Day (6AM to 6PM)Dial *666# to activate

Zong Net Packages – 3 Days

Zong New Sim OfferRs. 0 Incl.Tax2 GB Free Internet3 DaysDial the *10# to Get this Offer after Activating SIM

Zong Internet Packages Weekly

Zong still provides its valued customers with valuable and affordable weekly internet packages. This particular effort makes Zong more trustworthy and trustworthy. Like the Zong Daily Net Plan, Zong Weekly also provides its users net bundles. Weekly deals provide sufficient MBS that can be used without a problem for a full week. In 7 days, a user will be able to download and upload data. This bundle price is attractive and customer-friendly.

For a duration of 1 week and only for a cost of Rs 160+duty, Mega Weekly offers customers with 4 GB net volume to subscribe to the deal by dialling *6464#, and testing the remaining data dial *102#.

For 1 week and at Rs 130 + Tax alone the Super Weekly Plus website package will provide its customers with 3 GB of net volume; an offer can be subscribed by dialing *6464# and check the remaining *102# data.

For the duration of 1 week and at the price of just 100+tax, Super weekly net package offers its customers 2 GBs of net volume. Dial the code *6464# to subscribe and *102# for checking remaining bundle.

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To subscribe data bundles, dial *6464# or visit to Zong official website.

Zong Super Weekly OfferRs. 123 Incl. Tax2.5 GB7 DaysDial *6464# to subscribe
All in One PackageRs. 200 Incl. Tax1000 MB, 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *6464# to activate
Hello 7 Day BundleRs. 45 Incl. Tax1 MB Internet, 100 on-net minutes, 100 SMS7 DaysDial 310, then type 4
Super Weekly Plus OfferRs. 171 Incl. Tax7 GB Internet7 DaysDial *20# to subscribe
Weekly SMS BundleRs. 17 Incl. Tax1500 SMS, 200 MBs Internet7 DaysDial *702#
Shandaar Weekly OfferRs. 120 Incl. Tax500 MBs, 500 Zong Minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 500 SMS7 DaysDial *7# to subscribe
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 280 Incl. Tax2.5 GB internet, 2500 on-net minutes, 2500 SMS, 80 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *70# to activate
Super Weekly Max OfferRs. 190 Incl. Tax10 GB (5GB from 4AM to 4PM & 10 GB Data for YouTube)7 DaysDial *220# to subscribe
Zong Mega Weekly OfferRs. 160 Incl. Tax4 GB Internet7 DaysDial *6464# to activate

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Zong Internet Packages Monthly

The Zong typically provides three kinds of web packs. Zong Monthly Internet packages are ideal for people who daily need mobile data information. To stop several package subscriptions, you can subscribe to a monthly internet package. In Zong’s monthly Internet package portion, many packages are available that differ in time and price. The user will browse through all Zong Net packages and choose someone based on his/her data needs.

Zong serves more than 100 cities at present and the number is rising rapidly. Monthly Mini 150 net packs offer 150 MB of mobile data for 1 month and just Rs 50+Tax. The most widely used monthly net packages include Monthly Mini 150 and Monthly Premium 3GB. This offer can be subscribed through *6464# and the remaining data dial *102# can be verified.

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To subscribe data bundles, dial *6464# or visit to Zong official website.

Monthly Mini 150Rs.50150 MB30 DaysDial *1000# or Send SMS “sub Mahana” to 7091
Zong Supreme OfferRs. 8505 GB Internet & 4 GB WhatsApp, 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS30 DaysDial *6464#, -> 4 -> 2 -> 2
Monthly Mini 500Rs.150500 MB30 DaysDial *6464# to subscribe
Monthly Premium 5GBRs.3725 GB30 DaysDial *6464# to subscribe
Monthly Power Pack 500Rs. 500 Incl. Tax2GB Internet, 1000 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *70#
Monthly Premium 30GBRs.74415GB+ 15GB (YouTube and TikTok)30 DaysDial *6464# to subscribe

Other Internet Bundles

To subscribe data bundles, dial *6464# or visit to Zong official website.

Zong Social Pack

  • Price: Rs. 10
  • Data: 100 MB
  • Valid: For 1 Day

Classified Pack

  • Price: Rs. 5
  • Data: 50 MB
  • Valid: For 1 Day

Zong Free Data Offer only for Facebook

  • Price: Rs. 5
  • Data: 50 MB
  • Valid: For 1 Day

You can use Monthly Mini 150 in the monthly net packages that provide 150 MB of the net for Rs . 50, if you don’t use the net much in one month. You can take the monthly base 500 which provides only 500 MB for Rs . 150 if your use is slightly higher than that.

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Zong Net Package for 3 Month Power Pack

Zong provides a long-term net package for 3 months just in Rs. 1500. By availing of this bundle, you can enjoy 8 GB net along with 8000 On-net minutes,, 3000 SMS, 200 Off-net minutes for 3 months. To activate this offer you need to dial the code *1313# from your mobile keypad.

  • Incentives: 8GB internet data, 3000 SMS, 8000 On-net minutes, 200 Off-net minutes
  • Price: Rs 1500
  • Expiry time: 90 Days
  • How to activate: Dial *1313#
  • How to deactivate: Automatically expires after 90 days

Brief Intro About Zong

Zong company was launched in Pakistan in 2008, which was considered one of the country’s smallest telecom operators, particularly as compared to telecom giants such as Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor. But it has now become one of the emergings, growing, and reliable telecom operators. Like other telco companies, Zong offers its valued customers also highly affordable data Bundles.

As if we considered to go back in 1991, Zong started operations as Paktel via Cable & Wireless. It was the first company in Pakistan that was given a free licence to carry out mobile phone services. It carried out AMPS services until 2004, when GSM services were introduced by the company. In 2003, Cable & Wireless acquired Paktel from Millicom Corporation. Millicom International Cellular S.A., January 2007. He decided to sell his Paktel Limited stake to China Mobile. The value of Paktel was implied in the deal.

Over the years, Zong was the first network in Pakistan to test the 5G data after launching the 4 G web, a major achievement for the company. This is why everyone in Pakistan is now using Zong Net Packages to keep in contact with the world, without distracting signals.

The first foreign brand called Zong was introduced by China mobile in Pakistan. More than 21% of the market has been gained by Zong. It is becoming increasingly popular with mobile service users because its bundles and services make it pleasant and easy to use. It is supplying Pakistan with phones and computers with the fastest 4G data.

Zong Net Packages/bundles with Affordable Price

Zong Net Packages has a special market position in terms of network providers. Since it protected more areas than any other network in Pakistan. It gives its lovers a huge number of net data plans on the basis of hourly, every day, weekly, and monthly net packages with affordable prices.

A special SIM with different Zong 4G mobile data bundles is also available in addition to the above-mentioned Zong 2G, 3G & 4G Net bundle. Online SIM is ready to use SIM, just plug it in and use the net into your browser. This SIM is specifically designed for dual-sim systems as well as for open-market MBB devices, tablets, laptops, and other network computers. (Note: SIM support for all compatible devices).

Zong has an immense success right after the market has reached Pakistan’s mobile link companies. The key feature of this link was essentially low price Zong net packages, with which every second person, regardless of the financial situation, was in a position to keep the mobile phone active every time.

Over time, Zong was the first network in Pakistan to try the 5G net after the introduction of 4G, which proved a huge success for the enterprise. That is why everyone in Pakistan uses Zong net Packages now to keep in contact with the world without disrupting the signals.

Our Ambition

Here you will receive all Zong Internet Packages with your requests for the future, All net data bundles which are hourly, regular, weekly, and monthly subscription code, un-subscribe and even Reaming Data Checking information.


A variety of internet packages are provided by Zong on an hourly, weekly, daily, and monthly basis. The 2G, 3G, and 4G networks are also included. Zong Internet Services deliver many premium online packages that can be subscribed by dialling *6464# on a regular, weekly or monthly basis. A regular net package list offering 500 MB of internet data for browsing the Internet provides Zong Good Night Deal. The bundle is valid for 1 day and only 25 rupees are included. Only by dialling *102# will the remaining MBs search.
On our personal stats zong internet packages can be used, which are indicated with complete detail above. Instead of the above Zong website kit, some special SIMs could be used for internet packages only and for no other purpose or for no call purposes. These SIMS are only available to purchase and then use the internet from the office located. This SIM is also available for zong computers, laptops and tablets.
If you don't know 3G or 4G about your SIM, keep following the move below. Open the dialup * 46#. Open your call. Approximately 3G or 4G will be informed.

Zong Yaari Load provide you the facility of Balance Transfer as well as Balance Request. Codes of these as follows:

  • Dial *828# for Balance Transfer
  • Dial *829# for Balance Request
Follow the USSD code if you want to track your Zong balance. Open the call and call *222 livres. On your screen, you'll see your current balance.
Along with several other services including Call, SMS, and on-line minutes, Zong offers free Zong Internet minutes. Scroll through all of the above bundles to find the free Internet minutes most or all of the calls. Details of any Zong package can be found at *6464#
Zong 4G offers user-friendly and acceptable bundles. Zong provides unrestricted access to WhatsApp on all networks. This deal is really wonderful because the Zong network does not have any other network except free Whatsapp. Zong enables both prepaid and postpaid clients to make free use of WhatsApp.
Just follow the procedure when your equilibrium is done and you want improvement. 1. On 911 or send "Rescue" SMS 2. Give 911 blank text messages. In a couple of seconds you'll get Zong's progress balance. This advance is 25 rupees payable when your balance is recharged.
You must dial *6363# with the Zong MBB number. Choose from the list MBB package. You will now see all MBB bundles from the MBB list, which you want to pick. Your package has almost set your sim back in the high-speed device and begins by using Zong Internet.

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