Zong Postpaid Packages

Zong Postpaid Packages

Zong Postpaid Call, Internet & SMS Packages

By Zong postpaid packages and get free on-the-net, off-net, Internet, and SMS resources in a bundle that has been launched for its customers.

Zong has always launched deals for its members who are prepaid or postpaid and is among the 3G/4 G network providers in Pakistan. For its postpaid customers, Zong has introduced the “Z Plan.”

The best combo bundles at minimum rates for Zong Postpaid Bundles. Zong offers Z plan, namely, Z3000, Z1500, Z900, Z500, and Z300 in the Postpaid Packs. Try to compare all of these Postpaid packages’ excellent features and determine which is best suited to you.

Z500 postpaid is the cheapest user bundle. For just Rs. 500 a month, you will get multiple free rewards. The packages are one of Zong’s cheapest postpaid. If you want an economical solution for your monthly needs, customers may subscribe to this offering.

Zong gives Z900 to its users with Rs.900 only with free unlimited calls (incl taxes). In addition, 4GB Internet and 500 free Zong to other network calls are available. A Zong medium variety best kit ever. I recommend it for all Zong postpaid packages as a good bundle. 2000 sms can also be enjoyed.

In just 1500 PKR, Zong has an exclusive postpaid bundle. Z1500 postpay bundle includes 4000 free zong-to-zong minutes unrestricted sms and a web of 8 GB.

If you are a phone user, Zong has the most appropriate kit for your use of phones for all kinds of communication. Post payment Package Z3000 offers 25 GB of Internet, 5,000 SMS, and unlimited Zong calls. This is a plan for companies that use cell telephones immensely. One of Zong’s nice postpaid packs.

Zong Postpaid Packages (All Z-Plan)

All Z PlansFree MBsOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinuteSMSMonthly Line RentMinimum Security Deposit
Z300025600Unlimited1,2005,000Rs.2,190+TaxRs. 5000
Z15008,000Unlimited8004,000Rs.1,095+TaxRs. 3,000
Z9004,000Unlimited5002,000Rs. 657+TaxRs. 2,000
Z5002,0001,5002501,000Rs. 365+TaxRs. 1,000
Z3001,000500100500Rs. 300+TaxRs. 1,000

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Basic Tariff

All Z PlansOn-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKROff-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKRAll Net SMS (Local)- PKRDefault (Per MB)-PKR

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Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Does the Zong neglect your internet needs if you’re a postpaid Zong customer? The company also provides its postpaid customers with different internet packages. The Internet packages for the postpaid customers are based on a 30 day billing period per month. The amount is included every month in your next bill. However, no internet bundle is available daily or weekly.


All monthly internet buckets are described below:

Monthly Premium – 2GB350 Rs2GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 4GB500 Rs4GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium Plus – 20GB3500 Rs20GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Basic Add On10 Rs100MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 1GB250 Rs1GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Mini – 150MB50 Rs150MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium  – 10GB1800 Rs10GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Basic – 500MB150 Rs500MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#

Briefly Known About Zong Service

Zong was introduced in 2008 and was known as Pakistan’s smallest telecommunications operator. It was the fastest-growing, most reliable, and commonly accepted telecommunications company across the country in 9 years. The 4th largest service provider in the world is CMPAK (China Mobile Pakistan). zong also launched several zong call packages and zong internet packages for prepaid users.

You can dial 310 from Zong Sim, or visit the nearest Zong Customer Care Center if you want to activate Zong postpaid packages. The remaining free minutes in your package are not added to the free minutes for the next month. The same goes for your package’s SMS and internet data deals. According to the law of Pakistan, all terms and conditions apply to Zong.

Other Features

  • Further characteristics
  • Just 5 percent raise the credit cap for PKR
  • Notification of Credit Cap
  • FREE E-mail Itemized Bill
  • SMS reminders for bill
  • Pro-rate in line rent and freebies first billing period
  • No Call Installation Charges

Terms & Conditions

  • The discount rental deal is available from 1 to 31 May 2017 for new customers and for pre-migration.
  • You have added WHT and GST to your total government bill. Laws of Procedure.
  • There are two accounting periods available between 1-30/31 and 16-15 of the month. For the first month, line rent will be paid in full.
  • If consumers adjust tariffs in 6 billing cycles, the new tariff will not earn a discount.
  • For six bill periods, the bid bonus applies.
  • The taxes/charges referred to below will apply:
  • A 12.5% rate for each recharge shall refer to Advance Tax (AIT)

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