Zong SIM All Codes

Zong Important Sim Codes

Due to the wide range of Zong Plan for its users, it is difficult to remember their activation codes. With these bundles, some other features of the Zong network available which also depend on codes. Here, we give the complete detail of Some Important Zong Codes.

Important Zong Codes that must be remember to everyone

At this time, we give Zong Advance Balance Code, Zong Balance Share Code, Zong Card Recharge Code, Free Facebook Check Code, Zong Helpline Code, Zong Minutes Check Code, Zong Mobile Number Network Check, Zong Internet MBs Check, Zong Internet Package Code, Internet Setting Code, Zong New Sim Offer Code, Zong Package Information Sim Number, Zong Sim Lagao Offer Code, Zong Sim Number Check Code, Sim Registration Information, Zong SMS Check & Zong Sim Verification Code. You will see all the important Zong Codes which are given below:

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Zong Advance Balance Code

To get Advance balance send empty SMS to 911

Zong Balance Share Code

Dial *828*92(No)*amount#

Zong Card Recharge Code

To recharge your Zong Card Dial *100#code#

Free Facebook Check Code

To check free facebook Dial *6464*4#

Zong Helpline Code

To get customer support of Zong Dial the code 310

Zong Minutes Check Code

To check Zong minutes send “P” to 102

Miss Call Alert Code

Send SUB to 6226 with Rs. 5+t/w

Zong Mobile Number Network Check

To check Zong mobile number network send N 03********* send to 76367 including 2.00+tax

Zong Internet MBs Check

To check Zong internet MBs Dial *102#

Zong Internet Package Code

To subscribe Zong Internet Packages Dial *6464#

Internet Setting Code

Send “All” (Set Modle i.e) “Samsung” to 5800 or ALL send 2161


Zong New Sim Offer Code

To subscribe Zong New Sim Offer Dial *10#

Zong Package Information Sim Number

Send empty sms to *100*2*3#

Zong Sim Lagao Offer Code

To Activate Zong Sim Lagao Offer send “Y” to 2244 or Dial 2244

Zong Sim Number Check Code

To check Zong Sim Number Dial *310*1*9*2*4# or *100#

Sim Registration Information

To get Sim registration information Send your CNIC No. to 668. This is free of cost.

Zong SMS Check Code

To check Zong remaining SMS Dial *102*3#

Zong Sim Verification Code

To verify Zong Sim Send V to 7911

Briefly Info About Zong

In 2008, Zong began its telecommunications services. Historically, it considered a major telecommunications business in Pakistan, because of restricted facilities.

In a matter of years, Zong began supplying its customers with reliable services and acquired a good reputation. Clients began building trust in Zong’s telecommunication services.

Zong strengthens its operation and provides its important customers fastest 2G/3 G and 4 G internet networks. These programs are useful both for consumers that are prepaid and postpaid.

The company’s subscription base includes more than 30 million users who make the third-largest Pakistan mobile service. It also has a powerful PR game.

Zong has over 5 million 4G users in Pakistan as the largest user base of its 4G network. The company provides impressive mobile , internet and sms packages including some free tours.


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