Zong Super Student Package

Zong Super Student Package

Activation Code & Detail of Zong Super Student Bundle

Zong is offered a new bundle Zong Super Student Package, the package’s prices are 5 Rs. This bundle is valid for 1 day with 30 MB mobile internet, 0 Free text messages, 10000 net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes. With your Zong Sim, you can conveniently find the following instructions for subscription to the Zong Super Student Offer.

PackageZong Super Student Bundle
PriceRs. 5 Incl. Tax
On-net MinutesUnlimited On-Net Minutes (Rs. 0.15 call setup charges)
Internet30 MB
DurationNext Two Hour
How to subscribeDial *5555#

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In offering endless minutes of comfortable activities along with your managers and family members Zong will always go beyond your standards. This helps customers name family and friends normally to check extra for them by way of various Zong packages day by day. At times, you can buy a long-term package deal without stability. In this case, you must use the option of 2 hours of Zong Call Packages. In entirely different instances of the day, numerous name packages can be found. You can choose who will answer your call. Here, as you look, I will provide information on the Zong Call Packages for 2 Hours.


Terms & Conditions

  • 120 minutes from the subscription date is valid for 120 minutes
  • Mobile Internet use is limited to 30 Mb
  • The pack is not immediately recharged
  • Including the tax application on any call, call setup charges of Rs. 0.15.
  • Data Charge is available at Rs. 1 + tax / Mb Out of Bundle Charge
  • This deal is only available to prepaid subscribers
  • Advance tax 12.5% Recharge/Recharge applies 12.5%.
  • Available for subscription to all data packages, Default Internet Use and Out Of Package Use Charges In Baluchistan, Kpk Province, Punjab & Sindh Province
  • Sales tax will apply on all packages subscription, voice, and sms use in Baluchistan, Kpk, Punjab & Sindh province. 17 percent Voice Tax/Fed Subscription and Usage In Rest of Pakistan Applicable
  • In Sindh Applicable. In the rest of Pakistan and Ajk, 18.5% of the Fed is applicable.
  • In Punjab, Switzerland, Ajk, and Sindh up to 4 Mbps, data services are excluded. In Sindh with a greater speed of 4 Mbps, the data services can be charged as per applicable rates, as is in Kpk and Baluchistan.

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