Zong WhatsApp Packages

Zong Whatsapp Packages

Zong WhatsApp Packages & Bundles for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Are you searching Zong WhatsApp Packages code or procedure to activate? Then, you are in the right spot. Because we are up-to-date and 24-hour in-touch with mobile packages. When a new social or any bundle will be launch, we provide full detail on this page rapidly. On this web page, you will be found that how to subscribe to zong monthly WhatsApp packages.

To subscribe Zong WhatsApp Package, simply dial *247# and enjoy all the features of WhatsApp anywhere and everywhere on Pakistan’s largest 4G Zong network. Zong subscribers can enjoy all features of WhatsApp at PKR 59 (Load Price) and simply dial *247# at once. All features of Whatsapp are included in this offer, including message chatting, video & voice calls.

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If you want to get in contact with your friends and family, WhatsApp has become an unavoidable social platform. Others such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, etc are just as popular. But users mainly want to share their valuable moments, send/receive SMS, and audio/video files using WhatsApp.

Every telecommunications company in Pakistan is therefore trying to deliver the best WhatsApp packages to make customers easier. Zong also offers a handy WhatsApp tool for postpaid and prepaid users. In daily and monthly packages, I have categorized them.

Zong WhatsApp Packages, which provides 4 GB of Internet information, will now benefit Prepaid/Postpaid customers. All you need to do in just Rs. 25/- is just dial *247# for this deal. By using the app, calls to any network can be made by customers.

Let’s start to explain WhatsApp packages in detail!

Zong WhatsApp Packages Monthly

Zong offers its users a whole month of hybrid WhatsApp bundles. Users can experience the blazing quick message and 4G file sharing, here you will find the complete details and the subscriber method of Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages 2021.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

In 2021, use this 100% working code to subscribe to the Zong Monthly WhatsApp box. For just Rs. 38, you can get 4GB of WhatsApp data. You can use any of WhatsApp’s features, including Voice and Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Photo/Video/File Sharing, and Voice and Video Calling.

Zong Monthly Social Bundle

One of the excellent bundles given by the Zong is a monthly social bundle. It offers 6 GB of WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO data, 250 Zong minutes, and 25 all other network minutes just in PKR 160 excluding tax.

Whatsapp Plus Offer

Zong’s WhatsApp Plus offers a lot of free minutes and data to last you throughout the month. Zong is one of the country’s largest and most popular telecommunications companies and is known to offer its consumers a large number of packages and packages, which are very difficult for other service providers in the country.

Whatsapp and SMS Package

The Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp will relieve you of the stress of dialing various codes and triggering bundles on a daily basis. This package is perfect for you if you just want to trigger your SMS bundle once a month. For just Rs. 50 plus tax, you can get 500 SMS a day and 30 MBs of free Whatsapp data per day for 30 days. If you want to take advantage of this bid, dial the activation code *705#.

Monthly Super Offer

Zong offers Monthly Super Offers that offer our data-friendly customers maximum value and comfort. Follow the instructions below or visit your nearest Zong retailer. You can subscribe.

Unlimited WhatsApp Offer

Zong WhatsApp bundle on a monthly basis provides unlimited free MBs for WhatsApp which can be utilized for a whole month. The subscription fee of the bundle is only 30 PKR which is very low. To activate this bundle dial the shortcode *1000# or Send an SMS “sub Mahana” to 7091

Zong Supreme Offer

The Zong Supreme bundle is available from Zong Pakistan and costs 850 Rs. This bundle includes 4 GB for WhatsApp and 5 GB for browsing data, Zong mobile internet, 5000 Free SMS, 5000 on-net minutes, and 300 off-net minutes and is valid for 1 month. The instructions below will show you how to subscribe to the Zong Supreme Package with your Zong Sim.

Monthly All in One Offer

One of the best bundles for Zong clients is a monthly all-in-one offer which can be avail just in Rs. 580 including tax. By subscribing to this offer you avail of 2500 MBs WhatsApp plus 2500 MBs internet including 2500 on-net minutes, 150 all network minutes, and 2500 SMS. If you want to subscribe to this bundle, then dial the code *6464# and then press 4 from your mobile keypad.

Zong Supreme Plus Offer

One of an amazing bundle is supreme plus offer which give you 10000 MBs free internet data plus 4000 MBs for WhatsApp, 10000 on-net minutes, 600 all network minutes and 10000 free sms just in Rs. 1750 including tax which can be utilized for a whole month.

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Bundle For Postpaid User

Now, you can also be avail Zong WhatsApp bundle for postpaid in which you can enjoy 8000 MBs for WhatsApp for Rs. 25 rupees only. To subscribe to this bundle just dial the code *247# from your mobile keypad. This offer does not need to un-subscribe.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

In March 2021, Zong subscribers must reactivate their Zong Sim to receive a discount from Zong Sim Lagao. It has not been used during the last 30 days. Enter your Zong Sim to open the bid on your phone. Take off the head of the Rs. 50 minutes FREE SMS, 6000 minutes and 4G internet 4000 MB, 6000 minutes and 60 minutes when dialing the short-code *2244# from your mobile keypad.

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Zong WhatsApp Packages Weekly

Zong offers its users the Zong Weekly Whatsapp package with an incredible offer. 1500 SMS and a few MBs can be used for WhatsApp. The following details are provided below:

Apna Shehar Offer

In order to make an excellent Zong offer, the Apna Shehar Punjab deal is available for Punjab residents, consisting of 6 GB of internet and 150 minutes across all networks. It can be used for Rs. 230 for a period of seven days. Detail *2222# Subscription offer number for Zong Apna Shehr Punjab.

Zong New SIM Offer

Subscriber has to dial *10# once after availing the SIM to get the incentive of 4,000 MB (Inclusive of 1 GB WhatsApp & 1 GB Facebook) & 1000 On-Net Minutes for 7 Days.

Zong WhatsApp Packages Daily

Zong offers WhatsApp daily users a cost-effective package. The package is known as the “Social Pack” and is used for Facebook and Twitter, as well as for WhatsApp. All subscription details can be found below:

Zong Daily Whatsapp Package

In Zong, you will get 500 SMS, 1 MB plus 30 MB of Whatsapp data, in just Rs. 5 plus Tax by subscribing to Zong Daily SMS and Whatsapp bundles.

Zong Daily Social Bundle

This daily social pack will give you unlimited access to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter throughout the day. The Zong Social Pack comes with a 100MB data limit, but it can only be used with Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Full Gup Bundle

Zong Full Gup Package is provided by Zong of Pakistan. The price of the package is just 5 Rs. There are 30 mobile Zong, 100 free SMS, and 75 minutes on-net. The 1-day expiry. You can find instructions on signing up for the Zong Full Gup package by using your Zong Sim!

Daily Whatsapp Bundle

Zong Whatsapp 3G / 4G Package can subscribe just for 15 Rs. This package includes 150 MB Zong mobile internet with valid for 1 day. The instructions below will show you how to subscribe to Zong Whatsapp Only Daily 3G / 4G Package with your Zong Sim.

Zong Social Bundles for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter & IMO

If you want to get in contact with friends and relatives, WhatsApp has now become an invaluable social network. Some other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Line, etc. are just as popular. But users primarily want to share their valuable time by sending and receiving SMS and audio and text with WhatsApp.

Each telecom firm in Pakistan is therefore trying to give its patients the right WhatsApp packages. Zong also provides several handy Postpaid and Prepaid Consumer bundles. In regular and monthly packages I classified them. See the following information.

Why you need to activate Whatsapp Packages?

Zong, a Pakistani Chinese telecommunications company, provides its users with diverse social packaging. It brought several packages including some extremely affordable packages for WhatsApp.

If you are a Zong subscriber looking for some of the best offers, all the details of Zong Whatsapp Packages can be found here. The article is designed especially for those Zong subscribers who almost always use Whatsapp, and who experience difficulties when their internet is lost anytime.

This article describes all social package patterns, including Zong Daily Whatsapp, Zong Weekly Whatsapp, and Zong Monthly Whatsapp packages.

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Terms & Conditions

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Zong WhatsApp bundle?

A monthly bundle of Zong WhatsApp allows you to use all the features of WhatsApp for a very reasonable cost including texts, WhatsApp Calls (videos and voices alike), media sharing.

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?

Zong 4G has announced its data users’ unparalleled offer since its customers now have unlimited access to WhatsApp, the world’s biggest connectivity platform.

How can I activate Zong monthly WhatsApp package?

Just dial the code *247# and take advantage of all WhatsApp features just in Rs. 38 + tax. in Pakistan’s largest 4G network everywhere and anywhere. All WhatsApp features, including video and voice calls, are included in this offer.

How can I get WhatsApp free?

The steps to send messages with WhatsApp without data are simple: Just turn off the connection, compose and send a WhatsApp, activate and disable the connection.

How deactivate Zong 4GB WhatsApp?

Type UNSUB SM and send it to 6464 for unsubscribing and create a new message.

How to check Zong Whatsapp’s remaining MBs?

To check Zong remaining MBs is very simple. Just dial *102# from your mobile phone keypad and you will receive an sms containing your remaining data.

What is WhatsApp plus offer Zong?

WhatsApp plus offers 4 GB of WhatsApp, 200 zong minutes of zong, and 20 minutes of network minutes in R 90 for 30 days which include taxes. Simply dial *4000# from your smartphone to activate this bundle.

Is WhatsApp free in Pakistan?

Keep in contact with loved ones easily because Ufone is now providing Free WhatsApp for everybody! Now U can enjoy FREE free WhatsApp calls, video calls, and non-stop chats!

How can I subscribe to Zong weekly WhatsApp package?

Simply dial *702# or SMS < Sub> to 700 to subscribe. You would receive an SMS to make a decision out of the bundles below – send a response weekly with 2.

How subscribe to Zong WhatsApp monthly?

Dial *247# and savor the Monthly Zong WhatsApp for only Rs. 38+Tax. Connect now with your family members and friends who love WhatsApp voice and video calls more.

How do I subscribe to the WhatsApp bundle?

Besides dialing *131*3#, you will be able to subscribe to the plan. Prices for the single social package: Daily schedule – 20MB N25. Plan weekly – 50MB N50 Weekly Plan.

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