Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses


You need protection from a range of threats as a motorbike rider. We all wear the proper gear, wear the best motorcycle helmet for us, and always keep an eye out for other drivers, but many riders overlook the importance of wearing the proper eyewear for riding.

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Motorcycle sunglasses shield your eyes from the elements, including dust, glare, and wind. There are many excellent motorcycle glasses on the market, and if you plan to ride without a windshield, motorcycle riding glasses are a must.

Here’s an overview of what to look for in a good pair of motorcycle sunglasses:

Prescription: If you need glasses to drive, you must also wear them when riding your motorcycle. Fortunately, you can get an excellent pair of motorcycle glasses with a prescription. The majority of the products in the reading section may have their lenses replaced with prescription glasses, allowing you to see clearly while riding.

Polarization: When choosing a pair of motorcycle glasses, polarisation is crucial. Polarized lenses will substantially minimize glare and provide a clear and crisp picture of the road and surrounding vehicles. Polarized lenses have the extra benefit of reducing glare from a car’s windshield or a wet road. When riding a motorcycle, having more clarity might assist you to avoid road hazards.

Foam Padding: Foam padding has two advantages. For starters, the padding will make wearing motorcycle glasses more comfortable. Wind will press your glasses into your face, which can be really uncomfortable if you don’t have any foam. In addition to providing relaxation, the foam can also act as a barrier against debris. Debris will not be able to reach you since the foam provides a seal between the glasses and your eyes.

Strap Compatibility: This is especially handy for individuals who wear open-faced helmets because strong gusts can lead you to lose your motorcycle riding glasses. When you’re not riding, the finest versions include a removable strap.

Features like as photochromic or transitions are ideal for both day and night trips. When exposed to UV light, photochromic lenses darken and remain clear when not. This implies that during the day, you’ll have glare and light protection, and at night, you’ll have clarity. One disadvantage of this feature is that these glasses never darken as much as certain riding glasses.

Item Price Rating Best Design Feature

011 Black Frame with Yellow Lenses Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses Despite not being polarised, these perform an excellent job of controlling light. 4.5/5 stars for $7.99

Kickback Motorcycle Glasses by Global Vision These are quite comfortable thanks to the rubber ear pads. 4.8/5 stars for $8.54

Motorcycle Glasses Goggles Cycle Clear ZX1 The lenses are smoke coloured, which reduces glare and strong light. 4.6/5 stars for $13.99

Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses Foam Padded with Safety Polycarbonate Lenses Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses Foam Padded with Safety Polycarbonate Lenses These are extremely long-lasting lenses. $19.99 4.7/5 stars

Helmets that have been misplaced can be found. Motorcycle Riding Goggles with a Clear Lens The strap on these glasses keeps them firmly in place on your face. $21.99 4.3/5 stars

2 Pair Smoke & Clear GrinderPUNCH Motorcycle Riding Glasses UV protection is good with these glasses. 4.5/5 stars for $8.50

Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses, 3 Pairs For varied lighting circumstances, there are three alternative pairs. $17.00 4.5/5 stars

1) Choppers Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses 011 Black Frame with Yellow Lenses

Choppers, a brand that specialised in this type of goods, provides our first motorcycle riding spectacles. Despite not being polarised, their Night Driving glasses are excellent at catching the light and giving clarity.

If you plan on doing a lot of riding in the daylight, we discovered that these glasses have a wonderful ability to filter light, reducing the bulk of vision-obstructing glare to acceptable levels.

While we wouldn’t recommend these for night riding because they make things a touch too dark, they are ideal for individuals with light sensitivity or who just want to protect their eyes from the sun while riding.

These don’t have a strap, but they do tend to clip on tightly to the side of your head. These are also padded, making them quite comfortable to wear in a variety of riding settings.

While not the most robust glasses in this guide, they can withstand some abuse. Motorcycle glasses must be both fashionable and functional, and this model is delivered on both counts. The lens of the model we tested is tinted yellow, and the frame is black.

When riding during the day, the combination of these two colours looks fantastic. In addition to this colour scheme, there are 11 other colour combinations to pick from if yellow and black aren’t your style. To purchase this item on Amazon, go to To learn more, go to this page.

2) Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Glasses

The second item in our guide is a model of motorcycle glasses that is both sturdy and fashionable. In the foam department, these glasses absolutely shine. This material is used in many glasses to provide comfort as well as a tight fit that reduces the amount of air and foreign particles that can enter the viewing area.

These feature a highly tight fit that only allows a small amount of air to pass through. If you’re a speed demon, these will be ideal for your riding style because they will significantly limit the amount of incoming wind.

These glasses have a high level of durability as well. Polycarbonate, a particularly strong material that resists scratches and impact damage, was used to make these special riding glasses by Global Vision.

These UV 400 coated glasses will reduce glare and brightness, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with the sun, while particularly bright days may be a bit bothersome. These glasses have a moisture and fog-resistance coating in addition to UV protection.

They don’t have a strap, but they grip nicely and have a soft matte surface that feels pleasant. These glasses are available in five different colours, so you should be able to choose a pair that complements your personality well. To purchase this item on Amazon, go to this link.

3) Cycle Clear ZX1 Motorcycle Glasses Goggles

The Cycle Clear ZX1 Motorcycle Glasses Goggles are our latest set of motorcycle riding glasses. These motorcycle glasses have a goggle shape that makes them ideal for riding at any time. There’s also an integrated strap with a buckle-based adjuster so you can get a comfortable fit while riding.


These glasses have a very flexible structure that can be bent and stretched gently to achieve a snug fit. Several vents supply airflow in these areas as well. These vents enable a controlled amount of air into the viewing area, resulting in minimum fogging.

Furthermore, these glasses significantly minimize the quantity of light that enters your eyes, allowing you to enjoy your ride without worrying about the sun obstructing your vision. In addition, many riders will have no gap at all when it comes to form-fitting, which means that detritus and extra wind will not irritate the eyes.

While there is only one model of these motorcycle glasses, the default version is very fashionable, and the manufacturer has also included a carrying bag as well as a cleaning cloth to assist you in cleaning the glasses when necessary. To purchase this item on Amazon, go to this link.

4) Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses Foam Padded with Safety Polycarbonate Lenses

These Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses are fantastic to have on the road with you. These glasses, like our previous offering, are made of super-durable polycarbonate, so you may subject them to a lot of abuse without fear of them breaking.

Furthermore, they employ a memory-based flexible technology that allows them to adapt to a variety of face shapes while maintaining their original shape. The internal foam of these glasses is also really pleasant. In addition to its high level of comfort, the foam contours to the shape of your face, helping to keep extraneous objects out of your eyes.

Because you might be using these while driving on hot days, they’re sweat-proof, so they’ll stay dry even if you aren’t. They also have an excellent glare-reduction coating and are light enough to be used safely at night.

As we discussed in the last section, polarisation helps provide clarity while riding a motorbike, so it’s helpful to know that Bikershades also offers a polarised version of these glasses. These glasses are incredibly fashionable, and you may pick between polarised, high definition, and many coloured varieties in addition to the polarised versions.

To purchase this item on Amazon, go to To learn more, go to this page.

5) Get Lost Helmets Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles

These Get Lost Helmets versions, our second riding goggles in this guide, do a superb job of preserving your vision and providing clarity while riding your bike. These goggles, like our original, have a strap that allows you to have a secure fit that is unaffected by wind or vibration.

The goggles are also extremely flexible, allowing for a perfect fit on your head. A solid pair of riding glasses are required to manage airflow, and they perform an excellent job in this regard. To manage the flow of air, these goggles have a tight fit around the eyes, but to avoid misting and fogging, they also have an open nose area so that air does not become trapped inside the goggles.

Get Lost Helmets used thermoplastic polyurethane frames and scratch-resistant lenses in the creation of these goggles to ensure that they last a long time. As a result, these are among the most durable riding glasses on the market.

To purchase this item on Amazon, go to To learn more, go to this page. Although these fashionable goggles don’t have their own tint, the business has made it simple to put prescription eyeglass lenses or sunglasses into the frame.

6) grinderPUNCH Motorcycle Riding Glasses – 2 Pair Smoke & Clear

These grinderPunch glasses come in a two-pack, allowing you to adjust your vision for a day or night riding. The first of the two pairs in the package is a tinted pair that will protect your eyes from the sun when traveling on the highway.

These sunglasses offer UV 400 protection, making them ideal for even the most sweltering conditions. The second set is clear and is ideal for protecting your eyes from the hazards of night riding. A rigid foam system is included within both pairs of glasses, which helps to keep excess air away from your eyes.

While these don’t come with a strap, you can add one or rely on the temples’ grasp, which is quite robust. In terms of structure, grinderPUNCH chose polycarbonate to create these glasses, which means they can withstand a lot of abuse. To purchase this item on Amazon, go to To learn more, go to this page.

7) 3 Pairs Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses

Unlike our previous offerings, which only included two glasses, our final product contains a set of three. Each pair of these motorcycle riding glasses is intended for a distinct riding condition, just like our previous offering.

The tinted ones are designed to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. These are quite dark and look great even on the brightest of days. The transparent pair, on the other hand, is made for night riding and performs admirably.

The fourth pair, which is coloured yellow but not polarised, is intended to provide clarity during rain and other adverse weather. A thick foam cushioning surrounds each lens on all of the provided glasses, which is ideal for ensuring a comfortable seal when riding. Because these foam parts are quite thick, you may experience some fogging when you first start riding, but this will pass fast. To purchase this item on Amazon, go to this link.


When you’re out riding your motorcycle, protecting your eyes from the risks of the road is just as crucial as any other sort of protection.

As a result, choosing the correct motorcycle riding glasses is critical, especially if your helmet lacks a wind-blocking visor. All of the devices we’ve highlighted in this list provide good eye protection and are also competitively priced.

The Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses are, in our opinion, the greatest of the products we’ve highlighted here. Because they are composed of polycarbonate, they are quite durable. We really like how they bend easily and are soft in the correct areas, making them extremely pleasant to wear.

When looking for a nice pair of riding glasses, many riders look for the best bang for their money, and we believe that the Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Glasses fit the bill in this regard. These are relatively affordable at $8.54, but they don’t scrimp on UV protection or durability.


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