Here’s How Wateen Telecom is Driving Digital Transformation through its Services

Here’s How Wateen Telecom is Driving Digital Transformation through its Services

In just the last two years, the digital meteor has impacted every business. All organisations, whether in hospitality, manufacturing, finance, or even retail, are adapting to disruptive technologies.

Without a doubt, digital transformation is accelerating. Companies who do not change in time may eventually be forced to drop out of the race, as new business models and technology emerge every day.

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Wateen Telecom, being one of Pakistan’s important ICT players in the digital transformation, is a leader in terms of adapting to new technological advancements. It is delivering technology solutions for Enterprises, Carriers, and SMEs across Pakistan, with the fastest-growing fibre infrastructure network reaching 240 cities.

Businesses are seeking for ways to automate their systems and procedures. Wateen contributes to the ability of companies to adapt. Here are a few of the services in which the company is a leader.

Enterprise Connectivity

Wateen is always seeking for innovative methods to provide services to businesses in order to keep up with the competition. Wateen is the most comprehensive provider for the country’s communication needs, offering complete service solutions for Internet, Voice, Multimedia, and Enterprise solutions.

Carrier Services

Wateen’s telecom route now serves over 300 Carrier and Enterprise customers. Wateen’s network connects Pakistan’s south to the west and north, passing via all major telecom hubs and carrier and enterprise footprints. Wateen is extending its connectivity to clients by using Pakistan’s largest metro network, which is available in more than 131 cities and towns.

Residential Offerings

Wateen also provides best-in-class home connectivity services such as telephone, Internet, TV, and value-added services through a single fibre cable, making it a network appropriate for the next generation. A lightning-fast download speed of up to 100Mbps ensures a smooth and uninterrupted gaming and streaming experience.

Network Solutions for Businesses

Wateen excels when it comes to offering extensive services of solution integration in IT, including routing and switching, Wireless LAN, Security & Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Unified Communications, Building Management Systems, Network Improvement, Carrier & Colocation facilities, Design Consultancy, and more.


End-to-End Managed Services

Wateen’s end-to-end managed services allow you to focus on your main business. The company offers new and smarter solutions for organisations to add efficiency to their operations by employing cutting-edge SD-WAN technology.

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Wateen is on its way to spearheading Pakistan’s digital journey as an organisation that is always innovating to suit expanding demands, with a vast portfolio of clients and businesses dependent on its services.

Cloud-Based Systems

Organizations are adapting to new business landscapes that rely on digital adoption in today’s subscription-based economy. Third-party cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses.

Wateen offers subscription plans that are suited to the needs of their consumers. Wateen manages and maintains its cloud products, which include IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. Customers can access and scale their IT resources based on their specific needs.

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Wateen Telecom is constantly one step ahead of the game because it understands the relationship between client expectations and technology progress. It is one of the leading organisations that provides businesses with innovative and cost-effective ways to increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

Wateen is ensuring that every sector of our country adopts cost and time-efficient end-to-end solutions by focusing on the major industries of Pakistan, including FMCGs, Public, Retail, Banking, Education, Insurance, Telecom, Energy, and Manufacturing Units.

After all, digital inclusion is a necessary precursor to the digital transformation that we envision for Pakistan.

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