Eric Kong, CEO vivo Pakistan Talks About Smartphone Camera Innovation

Eric Kong, CEO vivo Pakistan Talks About Smartphone Camera Innovation

Pakistan is preparing for the 5G future as the pace of digital change is accelerated by progressive IT and telecom businesses. With its teledensity and digital penetration steadily increasing, the country is witnessing mass empowerment enabled by ICT.

Vivo, one of Pakistan’s main technology businesses, is also a vital enabler of the country’s present digital revolution. With high-end smartphones in all price ranges, the company claims to be committed to enhancing the lives of its clients. Furthermore, it is demonstrating a long-term commitment to Pakistan by stating that it is here to stay and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.

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In August 2021, Vivo opened its first manufacturing facility in Pakistan’s Faisalabad Industrial Estate, where it began producing a diverse range of items. This is Vivo’s sixth intelligent production facility, as the company expands its global footprint in line with its “More Local, More Global” philosophy.

Mr. Eric Kong, CEO of Vivo, spoke to ProPakistani about the company’s accomplishments and intentions to serve Pakistan’s fast-growing market.

This is how the conversation went:

What Makes Vivo a Global Youth-Centric Brand?

Eric Kong (Eric Kong): We aspire to empower our valued audience with relevant and practical innovations across multiple price points as a customer-centric and youth-oriented brand.

We are pleased to announce that more than 80% of our personnel is dedicated to R&D, which undertakes rigorous studies and market surveys to better understand market behavior and trends in order to produce the most technologically advanced phones that meet the needs of Pakistan’s youth.

When it comes to the diversified Pakistani consumer, we’ve noticed a rise in photography and camera-centric innovations in the country.

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It’s because manufacturers are continually empowering users by replacing DSLRs with sophisticated cameras. Pakistan’s youth are also looking for a high-quality front camera to help them realize their creative potential.

As a result, Vivo designed the V and X Series to offer a selection of smartphones that meet the needs of consumers.

Our V series has set a new standard in the smartphone industry, carving a space for itself in terms of photography and design technology in the region, and the X Series, in partnership with ZEISS, has provided camera progress to assure a professional photographic experience.

How Do Vivo’s X and V Series Meet Consumer Demands?

Eric Kong: Images and vlogs are used by consumers of all ages, particularly Pakistani young, to present their personalities. Image-based self-expression has undeniably become an important part of modern thought.

When shooting outside in low light, however, content creators, photographers, and creative thinkers face significant challenges, resulting in poor, fuzzy photos.

As a camera-centric business, we recognized this issue and created a one-stop solution with Vivo’s premium series, which features futuristic camera smartphones with features like Gimbal Stabilization, OIS, EIS, Night Selfie, and more.

These technologies not only sharpen and stabilize images but also remove background noise, resulting in crisper faces and better focus.

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In terms of technology, Vivo’s revolutionary software-hardware processes work together to record crisper selfies as well as high-quality photos and videos at any time.

vivo’s V Series appeals to the country’s youth, who live a more trendy lifestyle and are drawn to mobile photography, whilst the X Series represents professional imaging experience, ensuring DSLR-like photographs are used by pros.

These series have succeeded in bridging the gap between a powerful photography device and the vibrant lifestyle of today’s youngsters.

The success of the V and X series, which were introduced last year, reflects the brand’s stronghold on the Pakistani market.

The V Series is more than just a high-tech smartphone line; it has become a vital part of consumers’ lives, one that reflects their personalities and lifestyles.

On the other hand, when it comes to lenses, the X Series co-engineered with ZEISS is a popular choice among most consumers, highlighting the brand’s unrivaled experience in the sector.

What are Key Breakthroughs in V and X Series in Pakistan?

Eric Kong (Eric Kong): We have delivered some of the most remarkable camera-centric flagship devices to market via our premium V series and X series line-ups, setting new industry benchmarks, with mobile imaging as one of the strategic tracks.

While the V20, V21, V21e, V23 5G, and V23e include industry-leading front camera capabilities as well as night photography capabilities via advanced eye focusing, wide-angle camera, and macro camera, the V series includes the V20, V21, V21e, V23 5G, and V23e.

Our premium X series, on the other hand, contains the X60 Pro and X70 Pro, which have redefined professional-grade photography standards.

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The X Series was one of the first smartphones to have a revolutionary Vivo ZEISS co-engineered image technology with Gimbal Stabilization for professional photography.

It’s also worth noting that in 2020, the V20 from the V series became one of Google’s top 10 most-searched smartphones, marking a significant achievement.

In addition, according to a vivo consumption study, the V23e swiftly became the people’s favorite smartphone after its successful launch in January 2022, demonstrating significant popular preference amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


What are User and Design-Centric Innovations in V and X Series?

Eric Kong: We were aware that the camera series needed to stand out from the rest of the Vivo product line due to consumers’ strong demand for camera-centric smartphones, so we wanted the innovation to be contextual, keeping design preferences in mind.

When it comes to the V Series, which features exquisite devices with an ethereal beauty, high processing powers, ultra-modern camera setups, capacious memory, enormous screens, and advanced operating systems,

The latest V series device, the V23 5G, features a Color Changing Fluorite AG Design on the back cover of the phone, which has turned the market on its head.

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The premium X Series, on the other hand, uses a flexible display with Dual Tone Step Design that is lighter and thinner than typical displays, bringing frames to life and creating cinematic image quality that exceeds all expectations.

The ZEISS T* Coating on the new X70 Pro eliminates stray light and ghosting, delivering genuine colors day and night.

Because of the X Series’ bendability and flexibility, it has a substantially longer lifespan than earlier displays, lowering the risk of unintentional device damage.

Overall, both Series have a basic and attractive design language that reinforces the brand’s dedication to user-centric design that incorporates technology and nature.

How Does Vivo Empower and Add Value to People’s Lives?

Eric Kong: Since our inception, our products have always pushed technological limits, and Vivo has been a leader in delivering our user’s cutting-edge technology, luxurious design, and powerful smartphones.

We are working hard as a firm to meet regional ambitions for sophisticated camera experiences for our young customers. Users have been able to unleash creative content production and photography utilizing smartphones because of the excellent camera experience and superior build quality.

We are infiltrating people’s lives in order to update them to more youthful, contemporary lifestyles. The V23 Series (V23 5G and V23e) is a great example of this, as it provides a complete experience with a wealth of features and cutting-edge technology.

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Until now, the X70 Pro has been the most popular portable mobile camera handset among mobile photographers, videographers, and pros.

Meshaal Danish, Head of Brand Marketing at Hush Puppies in Pakistan, loved the ZEISS T* Coating, while Monis Rahman, Co-founder of Dukan. pk, thinks the X70 Pro is a great Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera for adding clarity and stability to your photos.

What is Vivo’s Impact on the People of Pakistan?

Eric Kong (Eric Kong): At Vivo, we follow the ‘More Local, More Global’ strategy, which is an all-encompassing approach that values local talent, culture, and consumer preferences.

We work closely with local superstars and talents such as Babar Azam, Fahad Mustafa, Hania Aamir, Fahad Hanif, and others who serve as regional youth heroes.

Vivo does not innovate for the sake of innovation; instead, it digs deep into the thoughts of customers to understand and supply them with what they want.

vivo gives a warm hand in support of the local community. EURO 2020, Wheel of Fortune, Explore the Gorgeous, and Gorgeous Transformation events demonstrate our commitment to building a trusting relationship with our customers.

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Vivo is regarded as the best option by industry professionals and businessmen alike. Our brand objective is to make our consumers’ lives better by developing breakthrough technology and being a mobile technology trailblazer.

We are improving user-centric offers with initiatives like Doorstep Delivery, free after-sales service, and other interesting incentives to avail at 14 customer care locations all throughout Pakistan.

What are Vivo’s Cam-Tech Advancements for the Future?

Eric Kong: Vivo is committing resources to pioneer camera advancements because mobile photography is one of the company’s strategic tracks.

In keeping with the Benfen ethos of offering the best technology and the best user experience, we look forward to strengthening our interaction with the consumers community with deep interests in photography and futuristic smartphone technologies.

Our global relationship with ZEISS, a world leader in optics, to develop innovative imaging systems for smartphones is proof of that.

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Rarely does a global smartphone technology business make a succession of breakthroughs by offering the right synthesis of camera technology that is on par with international technology while also meeting local needs?

In the future, our V series will deliver substantially improved concepts and features to stay up with consumers’ wishes and trust by giving them endless options to unleash the potential of youthful, evolved, fashion-savvy consumers, while our X series will symbolize futuristic solutions.

We’re on a mission with ZEISS to achieve even more technological improvements so that our customers may have incredible smartphone experiences.


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