How to Check & Download Duplicate IESCO Online Bill

IESCO Online Bill

IESCO Online View & Download Duplicate Bill

If you live in Pakistan’s capital or nearby areas and utilize power. Then you’ll receive a bill from the Islamabad Electricity Power Company for a utilized unit. You can download the Iesco Wapda bill online if you have not received your used electricity bill.

Examine the Iesco bill

The Islamabad Electric Power Company has made a big effort to provide online invoices. Because when Iesco’s online system is unavailable, consumers confront a slew of issues. Iesco is now transitioning its entire system from manual to online. It is now possible to apply for a new connection and file a complaint online.

IESCO Duplicate bill

Iesco duplicate bills are available here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To check IESCO bill online, click the above button, which will take you to a page where you may enter your reference number and search for it. If you don’t remember the reference number, look it up on your previous bill.

People encountered numerous issues prior to the online billing method, such as paying the fee if they did not get their bills or if they were misplaced. If a person loses their account, they can now receive their Iesco bill online in under a minute using the internet system.

Your bill is also available on our website if you are a Wapda customer. Enter your area name into the zongpackage search field to acquire a link to your bill with the reference number. Also, you can check here FESCO online bill, QESCO online bill, MEPCO online bill, LESCO online bill, PESCO bill, TESCO bill & IESCO bill and download duplicate bills.

History of Iesco

Since 1998, Iesco has been in operation. Due to a large number of customers, they are unable to give service at every customer’s doorstep. As a result, you can look up Iesco Islamabad bills online.

SMS alert from Iesco bill

It’s also possible to sign up for an Iesco SMS alert service. You can obtain an SMS bill instead of a printed bill with this service.

Iesco email service

The Iesco email bill service is also available where you can get the bill free of cost.

Iesco circles

Islamabad Powe supply company is not working in only Islamabad City. Because Islamabad power company provide the electricity in the following circles.

  • Rawalpindi Circle
  • Attock Circle
  • Jehulam Circle
  • Chakwal Circle
  • Iesco Islambad Circle

Isb circle have the following subdivisions


  • Barakah division
  • Islamabad Division 1
  • Islamabad Division 2
  • Iesco Rawalpindi Circle

Rawalpindi circle have these divisions

  • Tariqabad Division
  • City Division
  • Rawalpindi Cant Division
  • Westridge Division
  • Satellite Town Division
  • Rawat Division
  • Attock Circle

Islamabad Attock circle has the following divisions

  • Taxila Division
  • Attock Division
  • Pindi the Division
  • Jehlum Circle
  • Jehlum has the following divisions
  • Gujar Khan Division
  • Jhelum Division 1
  • Jhelum Division 2
  • Chakwal Circle
  • Dhudial Division
  • Pind Dadan Khan Division
  • Dhudial Division
  • Chakwal Division

Iesco Online Bill Payment

Iesco doesn’t just send bills via email. Iesco bill payment is now available online. You can pay your electric bill from the comfort of your own home. If you have a bank account, you can pay your bills by downloading the appropriate ban application to your phone.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bank account. You can also use Easypaisa Jazzcash or the Omni app to pay your bill online. Install the app after downloading it. After that, create an account and pay your bill online.

When the internet system goes down, consumers have had a lot of troubles in the past. People pay their bills at the Pakistan Post Office or the National Bank of Pakistan. Almost every city has a single national bank where residents in the region can pay their bills.


How Can I Look Up My Iesco Bill Online?

Let’s say you wish to look up your Inslambad region bill on the internet. Select the above-mentioned button. This takes you to a page where you may enter your 14-digit Iesco reference number and view your bill on your phone. If you don’t know the reference number, you can verify your bill on a laptop or computer.

Final Thoughts

Duplicate bills is an unofficial website that allows you to pay your Iesco bill online. Your statement is also available if you live in another Wapda region. Enter your region’s name in the search bar, then double-check the bill with the reference. A new connection’s method can also be checked. On our website, you can calculate your cost using the used unit. Please contact us if you have any invoice-related concerns. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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