YouTube is Adding Useful Options to Android and iOS Players

YouTube is Adding Useful Options to Android and iOS Players

YouTube is releasing a new full-screen player interface with new elements for Android and iOS users. Users will be able to like or dislike videos, browse comments, and share videos more easily after the latest server-side upgrade.

Most of these capabilities were previously hidden behind a swipe-up gesture on the’more videos’ area of the old design. In the most recent version, all controls are located on the bottom left side. A video can nevertheless be disliked by viewers. The counter, on the other hand, has been hidden.

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The similar videos button has also been relocated to the bot tom right corner.


When watching a video in full-screen mode, the modifications to the interface become visible. Listening controls have been added to the centre of music videos.

The new interface allows users to interact with important tasks while watching movies in full-screen mode rather than needing to minimise the video.

With the video in landscape format, the new interface also makes it easy to access comments. To open the comment area in the previous UI, you had to press it while in portrait mode and then transition to full-screen mode.

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When viewing a movie in portrait orientation, the app looks the same other from these slight adjustments.

The new interface will soon be accessible for iOS and Android, according to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, and has already begun rolling out on Monday. The latest update has already been received by certain users.

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